Redeeming Room Awards
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  • How do I redeem Room Awards?
    You can redeem Room Awards at least one day prior to your arrival through Shangri-La Circle website or by calling Shangri-La Circle Member Services.
  • How many Points do I need for redeem Room Awards?

    Any room booking made using points after Thursday 28 April 2022 will now follow a new transparent exchange rate of 15 Points = 1 USD. The Award Redemption Chart will no longer be used.

  • Currently I need 9,500 Points for a standard room at Island Shangri-La, Hong Kong. Will this change?

    Yes. From Thursday 28 April 2022 onwards, the number of points needed will vary depending on the rate offered. For example:

    On 3 June 2022, the rate for a standard room at Island Shangri-La, Hong Kong is USD 256. Using the exchange rate of 15 Points = 1 USD; 3,840 Points would be required for this reservation.

    On 10 November 2022, the rate for a standard room at Island Shangri-La, Hong Kong is USD 370. Using the exchange rate of 15 Points = 1 USD; 5,550 Points would be required for this reservation.

  • If I do not have sufficient points for redeem Room Awards, what can I do?

    You can redeem Room Awards via Cash & Points reservation. A minimum of 500 Points is required for Cash & Points reservations and there is no maximum cap of Points.

    For any Cash & Points reservations, the exchange rate for Points will be 15 Points = 1 USD, this exchange rate is the same across all Shangri-La redemptions options. The USD rate will be converted into local currency cash equivalent based on the monthly exchange rate defined by the program.

  • What are the room types that are available for Room Awards redemption?
    You can redeem room/nights in a Standard Room, Horizon/Traders Room or Executive Suite. The applicable room types for redemption are subject to individual hotels and may vary, please visit Shangri-La Circle website for more information.
  • How many rooms can I redeem?
    You can only redeem one room under your name for the same period stay. If additional rooms are required for the same stay, it must be redeemed and booked under your nominees' name.
  • How many nights can I redeem?
    There is no limitation on the number of nights you can redeem provided you have sufficient Points and rooms are available on your preferred dates. However, you can only redeem a maximum of three nights for your nominee(s) at a time.
  • Will Shangri-La Circle have blackout dates?

    No, Shangri-La Circle will make it easier for you to use your points, meaning there will be no blackout days or redemption periods.

  • Am I still entitled to membership tier benefits when staying on Room Award redemption?
    You are entitled to all membership tier related benefits except guaranteed room availability during Room Awards redemption stays.
  • Can I transfer my Room Awards reservation to others?
    Room Awards are not transferable and the room must be occupied by the same person registered under the reservation (i.e. you or your nominees in the Redemption Group).
  • Do I need to pay tax and service charges for Room Awards redemption stay?
    Room Awards include any government taxes and service charges applicable to the accommodation.
  • Are there any supplement charges to the third person for Room Awards redemption?
    Room Awards are based on single or double occupancy. The member or nominee must pay any associated charges upon check-out.
  • Can I make changes to a confirmed Room Awards reservation?
    Once a Room Awards reservation has been confirmed, any changes (including hotel, room type, arrival date and length of stay) will require the reservation to be cancelled and re-booked. It is likely that the number of points required for the booking will change. You can also contact us to assist in your booking. The rebooked award redemption is subject to room availability and the prevailing cancellation rules, policies and penalties will apply.
  • What will happen if I make changes or cancel the Room Awards reservation for my nominees?

    Any changes (including hotel, room type, date of check-in, length of stay or guest name) will require the reservation to be cancelled and re-booked, subject to room availability, cancellation rules, policies and penalties that are prevailing from time to time. 

    Redemption Awards reservations are subject to the individual Participating Hotel’s reservation requirements and are subject to the cancellation policy of the hotel. Details of the cancellation penalties relating to Redemption Awards will be published and may be amended at any time by the Company.