Earning & Converting Airline Miles
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  • Which Airlines Partners participate in the Shangri-La Circle Programme?
    You can view the full list of participating Airlines Partners under the "Earn Points" section of Shangri-La Circle website.
  • How do I earn airline miles for my hotel stay?
    You can earn airline miles on participating Airline Partner Programme for each hotel stay when paying qualified rates at any participating participating Shangri-La Hotels & Resorts, Kerry Hotels, JEN and Traders hotels.
  • Am I eligible for airline miles if staying back-to-back at the same hotel?
    Eligible stay requirements for earning airline miles do not include back-to-back stays even if you are paying qualified rates. A stay is defined as the total number of consecutive nights spent at one hotel or resort, regardless if you check out and check back in within 24 hours.
  • Can I earn airline miles for all the rooms reserved under my name, or when I pay for all the charges for the other rooms?
    You will only earn airline miles for the room that you physically occupy, which must also be booked on qualifying rates.
  • Do I have the choice of either earning Points or airline miles?
    Yes, you can choose to earn either Points or airline miles at check-in or during the hotel stay. However, once you have checked out of the hotel, your final decision cannot be amended.
  • How do I convert my Points to airline miles?
    You may convert your Points to airline miles on the Shangri-La Circle website or by contacting the Shangri-La Circle Member Services from the first quarter of 2011.
  • How many Points are required to be converted to airline miles?
    The conversion ratio is generally one Point to one airline mile (one to one), but several participating Airline Partners might have different conversion rates. A minimum of 1,000 Points is required for each conversion request with additional point conversions made in increments of 500 Points. For more information, visit Shangri-La Circle website.
  • When can I see the converted airline miles on my Airline Partner Programme membership account?
    You may find the airline miles credited to your Airline Partner Programme membership account in about four to six weeks.
  • Can I convert back the FFP Miles to Points?
    Once the conversion is made, no cancellation or amendment is allowed, and Points cannot be transferred back into Shangri-La Circle.
  • Can I convert my Points to my nominee’s FFP account?
    No. Points can only be converted to your valid airline membership account(s) that are registered in your profile.