Missing Points Claims
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  • How can I claim missing Points?

    You can claim missing Points for qualifying hotel stay transactions by visiting Shangri-La Circle website.

    Click on your membership card image and select “Dashboard”.

    • Click “Activity” and “Missing Points”
    • Follow the instructions to complete the request form.
  • Can I claim missing Points for hotel spend?
    Yes, you can still claim missing Points on Qualifying Room Rate and Qualifying Incidental Charges after you have checked out. However, you must have chosen to earn Points prior to checking out of the hotel.
  • How long should I wait before submitting a claim for missing Points?
    You should allow two to four weeks for Points earned on qualifying stay at Qualifying Room Rate and Qualifying Incidental Charges to appear in your account before raising a claim for missing Points.
  • When will missing Points be credited to my account?
    Successful claims of missing Points may take four to six weeks before they are credited to your account.
  • Is there a time limitation on claiming missing Points?
    Yes, all claims for missing Points should be made within six months of the transaction date.
  • What supporting documents do I need to submit with a claim for missing Points?
    A copy of the hotel bill that provides key identifying details of the stay, including the hotel name, arrival and departure dates of hotel stay, room number and/or reservation number, is required to process the retroactive claim.