Our Story

Pioneer of Asian Hospitality

Pioneers of Asian Hospitality

Ours is a story driven by an enduring passion for customer service. From pioneering the concept of Asian hospitality, we have radically changed the face of Asia’s urban landscape and influenced the way people connect and engage with each other.

A Trusted Partner

Our story is also one that closely parallels Asia’s economic growth. Over the years, we have partnered with local authorities and business leaders to bring economic benefits to the people and communities wherever we operate.

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Our Heritage

We are proud of our rich Asian heritage. Even as the Group expanded its footprint globally, we have stayed close to our Asian roots.

People and Culture

It is in our nature to look after people, to anticipate their needs and to care for them.

Leading for Sustainable Growth

Our leaders are quick to identify new trends and to seize growth opportunities. They pursue customer-driven solutions and are focused on delivering performance-based outcomes. By encouraging innovation, they help create a more resilient company; one that drives sustainable growth.


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Community and Social Impact

At Shangri-La Group, we strive to bring positive impact to people and communities while caring for the environment and balancing the interests of our diverse stakeholders.

Bringing Positive Impact

At Shangri-La Group, we are privileged to operate in some of the most prestigious and pristine environments in the world.

As we expand into new frontiers, we are honoured to partner with many local leaders and indigenous communities where we have operations. We place great emphasis on bringing both economic opportunities as well as creating lasting value for the larger community.

Our sustainability and CSR initiatives are focused on five key areas: community engagement, environment and biodiversity, employee development, sustainable supply chain, and health and safety.


Explore Our Destinations

Shangri-La Group is a diversified global corporation. For nearly 50 years, we have pioneered high-profile, iconic projects with our partners, in prime cities and frontier destinations.