Earning Points - General
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  • Can I earn Points and airline miles together?
    You can only choose to earn either Points or airline miles in one of the Airline Partner Programmes upon check-in at any participating Shangri-La Hotels & Resorts, Kerry Hotels, JEN and Traders hotels when paying at a non-discounted or corporate rate that falls within the meaning of Qualifying Room Rate; no change is allowed once you have checked out of the hotel.
  • How can I earn Tier Points?

    Tier Points include any base points earned when staying, dining or shopping with Shangri-La, bonus points (such as the 25% and 50% bonus points earned by Jade and Diamond members respectively) do not count towards Tier Points. You must quote your membership number at time of reservation and present your membership card at time of check-in, when paying the bill or upon delivery of partner products or services.

  • How are Points calculated?
    Points will be issued at the rate of one point per whole US dollar of qualifying spending at all participating Shangri-La Hotels & Resorts, Kerry Hotels, JEN and Traders hotels. Spends in local currencies will be converted into US dollars for the purpose of point calculation.
  • Can I earn Points for hotel stays, dining or shopping spending incurred prior to joining Shangri-La Circle?

    You can only earn Points for spending incurred after enrolment to Shangri-La Circle from April 28, 2022 onwards.

  • How long will it take for Points to be credited to my account after my qualifying hotel stay or qualifying spend in the hotel?
    Points will be credited to your account two weeks after a stay at Qualifying Room Rate or payment in full of Qualifying Incidental Charges or Qualifying Spend.
  • Can another person use my membership card and pay for charges to earn Points on my behalf?
    Neither your membership number nor your membership card can be used by anyone else in order to earn Points, benefits or promotion bonus Points. The bill for qualifying charges must be made in your name and you must personally pay for all charges.
  • When will my Points expire?
    Points will expire on an annual basis up to three calendar years (1 January to 31 December) after the end of the membership calendar year of accrual. Once expired, the Points cannot be redeemed for awards or other products/services.
  • Can my Points be transferred or exchanged?
    Points cannot be sold, bartered, exchanged for cash, or transferred to other members. If, through investigation this activity is found on your account, your membership may be terminated, and Points cancelled.
  • How can I take advantage of bonus Points?
    Promotions that offer bonus Points may be offered at certain times and details will be available on Shangri-La Circle website. As a Jade or Diamond member, you will also earn 25% and 50% bonus Points respectively on all qualifying spending.
  • When will my eligible bonus Points be credited to my account?
    Bonus Points earned from promotions will be credited to your account two to three weeks after the end of the promotion period.