Our Businesses

Investment Properties

Diverse portfolio of commercial properties and serviced apartments

As a Group, our businesses have grown beyond hotels to include a portfolio of high-quality real estate and lifestyle facilities.

We build, manage and operate mixed-use complexes located in many vibrant global cities as well as in newly emerging markets. Our management expertise extends to handling iconic projects across the world – integrated landmark developments that bring energy and life to local surroundings.

Providing End-to-End Services

At Shangri-La Group, we offer end-to-end services in developing large scale commercial and mixed-use complexes. We have the capabilities and experience to lead and guide our business partners from concept to launch, to drive project task forces for operations and management. Our full suite of services includes managing retail, leasing and long stay units.

We take into consideration individual local market factors and demands that include dynamic central business districts to upcoming neighbourhoods focused on community and holistic family experiences.

Our Properties