Earning Points for Stays & Non-Stays
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  • How do I earn Points during my hotel stay?
    You can earn Points on your hotel stay if you book your room at a Qualifying Room Rate. In addition, you can also earn Points on Qualifying Chi, The Spa and food and beverage charges even when you are not staying in the hotel.
  • If I stay at Non-Qualifying Room Rates, can I still earn Points?
    You can earn Points on Qualifying Incidental Charges that are charged to your room even when paying Non-Qualifying Room Rates. This includes members who are paying prepaid wholesale rates booked through third party online retailers, wholesale packages, groups and tours or who are staying on Room Award redemption.
  • What are "Qualifying Incidental Charges"?
    These vary on a hotel by hotel basis, but generally include spend on food & beverage, laundry and Chi, The Spa services.
  • If I share a room with other members, can we all earn Points?
    If you are sharing a room with other members, only one of the members will be eligible to earn Points on Qualifying Room Rate and Qualifying Incidental Charges.
  • Can I earn Points for all rooms reserved under my name or when I pay all charges for the other rooms?
    You will earn Points on the Qualifying Room Rate and Qualifying Incidental Charges on the room that you have physically occupied plus 2 others. You must settle all charges upon check-out in order to earn Points.
  • What is Member Rate? How do I book these rates?

    When booking a room reservation, the Member Rate will appear alongside other rates. But you must be signed in as a member in order to complete the booking at the Member Rate. Not a member? Join Now.

  • Is Member Rate available in all hotels all the time?

    Member Rate is available all year round but are subject to changes and availability at the hotels.

  • How many rooms can I book using the Member Rate?

    You can book a maximum of 3 (three) rooms.