Enrolment & Termination
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  • How do I become a Shangri-La Circle member?
    You can enrol online or by completing an enrolment form, which is available at the front desk of any participating Shangri-La Hotels & Resorts, Kerry Hotels, JEN and Traders hotels. Membership will only be accepted if enrolment forms are completed correctly and signed by you. Alternatively, you can enroll via Shangri-La Circle website, the Shangri-La Circle Mobile App or WeChat Mini Program.
  • Are there any fees to join Shangri-La Circle?
    Membership enrolment fee is presently waived.
  • When will I receive my permanent membership card?

    Membership cards are available via the Shangri-La mobile App. A physical membership card can be requested via the “Dashboard” section of your online membership profile. Alternatively you can contact us to request a replacement card.

  • How do I replace a missing membership card?
    You can request a replacement membership card by logging into your membership account, clicking on your membership card image and select “Dashboard”, click “View Membership Card” then select “Request a Shangri-La Circle card” to submit your request. Alternatively you can contact Shangri-La Circle Member Services. It takes about three to four weeks to process a replacement card.
  • Can I enrol other people into my Shangri-La Circle membership?
    Shangri-La Circle membership is awarded on an individual basis. Joint accounts and multiple enrolments by a single person are not allowed.
  • Why must I fill in all my personal information when submitting the enrolment form?
    To ensure that you enjoy Shangri-La Circle benefits and receive updated information from Shangri-La, we ask you to complete all the information on the enrolment form. Incomplete enrolment forms cannot be processed, and these enrolments will be deemed as unsuccessful. For more information on the use of data, please visit our Privacy Policy.
  • Can I enrol for more than one Shangri-La Circle membership?
    Shangri-La Circle membership is awarded on an individual basis, and you can only hold one account at any time.
  • Can my Shangri-La Circle membership be terminated?
    Membership may be terminated for misconduct or fraud, misuse of programme benefits and awards, or failure to follow the programme Terms and Conditions. Points will be simultaneously cancelled. Shangri-La International Hotel Management Limited may also terminate any membership at its complete discretion, at which Point all unused Points, benefits and privileges will be cancelled.