Second-Factor Authentication (2FA)
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  • What is 2FA and how does it impact my account?
    2FA was introduced in October 2019 to provide additional security to your Golden Circle account. We ask all members to verify either your Login Email or Login Mobile on GC account. For increased security, we encourage you to do both. 2FA is applicable when logging into your account via online platforms including website, the Shangri-La Mobile App and WeChat Mini Program.
  • Why is there a need for a One-Time Password (OTP) when making accessing sections of my Golden Circle account or completing an online transaction?
    The OTP helps protect all members against online fraud. It is an easy and secure way of authenticating that the member making the profile update or online transaction is the rightful owner of the GC account. GC members can enter either the verification code received via email or SMS to authenticate the profile update or online transaction.
  • Can I opt-out of 2FA?
    This is mandatory process to safeguard the security of member account and the information contained within.
  • How can I modify the Login Email or Mobile number used for 2FA?
    Members can visit Golden-Circle.com to modify the Login Email or Mobile or calling Golden Circle Member Services for additional assistance.
  • I requested a verification code multiple times and still have not received one. My email address and mobile phone number are correct – what should I do?
    There may be a lag time in receiving verification code via SMS if there’s a weak mobile connection. If an OTP was requested via email, please ensure you check your spam/junk folder. For additional assistance, please contact Golden Circle Member Services.
  • I have exceeded the maximum number of attempts for requesting a verification code. What should I do?
    For security purposes, the maximum number of attempts in website and mobile app is restricted to 5 times each per day. For additional assistance, members may contact Golden Circle Member Services.