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The Line Presents Al Souq Middle Eastern Exploration

The Line Presents Al Souq Middle Eastern Exploration

The Line brings guests on a journey across the Middle East with traditional regional cuisine from 12 to 25 March 2014.  Inspired by the vibrant Al Souq (meaning local market in Arabic), The Line’s resident Middle Eastern chef, Khaled Mohamed Elelimi Elorabi, will showcase his culinary expertise through a diverse range of authentic dishes from such countries as Oman, Turkey, Egypt, Syria, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia and Morocco.  This promotion is available for dinner only.

For a warm welcome, guests will be served a glass of hibiscus tea, a common beverage in the Middle East since centuries ago.  It contains vitamin C and helps reduce blood pressure and cholesterol levels.  To add excitement to the dinner experience, guests will be treated to specialties at various kitchens whenever the “gong” is sounded.

With its 16 theatrical kitchens, The Line is the perfect venue to recreate the festive ambience of an Al Souq; it comes complete with upbeat music and Arabian outfits for the service team.  There is a “live” carving station for kebabs, roasted lamb shoulder station and a vast selection of authentic dips and pastes, such as hummus, to go with freshly baked breads.  Turkish pizza will be prepared ala minute and served piping hot from the oven at the western kitchen.  

Highlights include Pasa Koftesi (Beef Patty topped with Mashed Potato in Tomato Sauce Base), Egyptian Clam Tagine, Lebanese Barbecued Chicken, Kuzzi (Roasted Baby Lamb).  Desserts include Omm Ali (Egyptian Bread and Butter Pudding), Turkish Ice Cream and the traditional Middle Eastern dessert, Balila (Barley cooked in Milk and served with Mixed Nuts, Cinnamon and Kataifi), amongst many other sugary treats.

The Line’s “Al Souq” Middle Eastern Exploration is available for dinner from 6 to 10:30 p.m. daily.  Dinner buffet is priced from $72 per adult and at $36 per child.  Guests who wish to enjoy the beverage package, which includes free-flowing sparkling wine, house pour white and red wine, draft beer, chilled juices and soft drinks, may add $25 per adult.  The non-alcoholic beverage package with chilled juices and soft drinks is priced at $15 per person.

All prices quoted are subject to service charge and prevailing government tax.  For reservations, please call Dining Reservations at (65) 6213 4398 or email  For instant online reservations, please visit


About Resident Middle Eastern Chef Khaled Mohamed Elelimi Elorabi
Chef Khaled, an Eyptian native, joined Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore in August 2010.  With more than 20 years of culinary experience acquired from luxury hotels around the world, Chef Khaled helms the Middle Eastern kitchen at The Line.  He is in charge of the menu planning for Middle Eastern dignitaries and diplomatic events.

Although he is well versed in the cuisine of 26 Middle Eastern countries, Chef Khaled never stops learning.  During his tenure in Dubai, he learnt to prepare Lebanese and Syrian cuisine.  He picked up the skills of preparing Moroccan dishes while working in Singapore.  His expertise in Middle Eastern cuisine has been recognised in successful Middle Eastern promotions held at Shangri-La properties here and overseas.

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