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The Orchids, Shangri-La Singapore

The Orchid

To mark the hotel’s 45th anniversary, The Orchid, a seven-metre tall open-air orchid greenhouse was specially designed to enhance and complement the unique green environment within 15 acres of gardens in the estate. The Orchid showcases the beauty of tropical orchids that have for long been at the forefront of our nation’s proud natural heritage.

The maiden collection, known as ‘A Floral Art Piece,’ comprises 32 hybrids belonging to the more popular genera, many of them selected for their respective robustness, variations and hues. Over 600 flowering plants have been arranged to present a stunning burst of rainbow colours when viewed from any angle in the interior.

Embark on a unique Shangri-La Singapore self-guided orchid walking tour and explore the beautiful Orchids. The journey of discovery takes place in our gardens, we hope our guests enjoy this one-of-a-kind orchid experience. 

Dîner de Fleurs 

Guests who wish to capture the ultimate memory of The Orchid can reserve Dîner de Fleurs – a private dinner for up to four guests inside The Orchid with a unique Dîner de Fleurs menu by the hotel’s master chefs.

The seasonal menus feature highlights designed to emulate the elements of nature, and guests may enhance the experience with an exquisite wine pairing. Advance reservations are necessary and can be made by emailing dining.sls@shangri-la.com.

*Menu items may be subject to change due to seasonality of ingredients. Please share any food allergies with us when you make your reservation.