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Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore Breaks Ground with a New Dining Concept: Waterfall Café

Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore Breaks Ground with a New Dining Concept: Waterfall Café

Nestled amidst 15 acres of lush, tropical greenery, Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore’s new Waterfall Café offers healthy yet creative dishes inspired by Mediterranean flavours. Within its eclectic, colonial interiors lies a treasure trove of fresh, seasonal produce and gourmet merchandise. Chef de Cuisine Stephane Cocu delights discerning palates with his mastery in blending herbs, smoked salts, vinegars and exotic spices. The result is a menu filled with wholesome, flavourful creations that are sourced from sustainable origins and are free from hormones, pesticides and antibiotics. Waterfall Café’s rare and specific wine list takes wine lovers on a Mediterranean journey from the south of Spain to the coast of Lebanon.

Officially opened on 19 July 2012, Waterfall Café is the latest innovation at Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore. With over 41 years of legendary Shangri-La hospitality, the hotel is constantly in search of groundbreaking dining concepts and lifestyle trends.

“After observing and listening to our distinguished clientele’s preferences, we recognised that the expectations of our well-travelled guests have evolved. Eating well and personal well-being have become an integral part of their dining experience. The hunger for social responsibility is inseparable from the physical demands of a hearty and delicious meal. At Waterfall Café, we offer a tasty solution to this emerging need,” said Manfred Weber, General Manager of Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore.

Inspired by Mediterranean culinary philosophy, Chef Stephane crafted a simple menu that embraces the quality of eating well. Immensely passionate about the use of herbs, smoked salts, vinegars and exotic spices, Chef Stephane’s dishes are refreshing and light on the palate.  A true advocate of healthy dining, Chef Stephane ensures that all products are sourced from sustainable origins and are free from hormones, pesticides and antibiotics. Seasonality is his signature style.

Wine lovers will be mesmerised by Waterfall Café’s rare and focused selection of wines from the Mediterranean. From the south of Spain to the coast of Lebanon, the wine list is an enlightening journey through the premium boutique wineries of the region. Twenty-two wines are served by the glass. An impressive collection of aperitifs, sherries and grappa tops the extensive beverage menu. In line with Waterfall Café’s commitment towards sustainability, the soft drinks selection includes the organic Phoenix brand of sodas from New Zealand. For caffeine connoisseurs, baristas are trained to pull the perfect shot for even the most discerning palate.

Waterfall Café’s homely and relaxing interiors lend the perfect backdrop for a casual but memorable indulgence. A cosy private dining room featuring a fully functional show kitchen is ideal for cooking workshops, small gatherings or corporate retreats. The restaurant is open from 6.30a.m. to 10.30p.m. daily, except dinner on Sundays. Waterfall Café is an all-day dining concept, and serves breakfast, light snacks, lunch and dinner. The seating capacity is 92, including 24 seats in the al fresco area by Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore’s swimming pool.

For reservations and enquiries, please call (65) 6213 4398 or e-mail

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Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore
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