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Shangri-La Hotel, Bangkok offers A Perfect Venue for Opulent Indian Weddings

Shangri-La Hotel, Bangkok offers A Perfect Venue for Opulent Indian Weddings

Bangkok, 31 October 2013 - Shangri-La Hotel, Bangkok, a renowned venue for elegant nuptial celebrations for many years, expertly caters large-scale lavish weddings and tailored intimate ceremonies.  The hotel once again steps up its efforts to remain the most sought-after venue for Indian weddings in Thailand by presenting Shangri-La’s Indian Wedding Specialists Team, consisting of both Thai and Indian staff members.  The team members provide comprehensive advice on all aspects of Indian weddings for the success of what is sure to be the couple’s most memorable day.

With a number of rituals and customs to conform with as well as all the endless details to decide, the Indian wedding specialists can guide couples to ensure a good beginning.  Finding the perfect venue is always a tough call, but the hotel’s Indian wedding specialists, with years of experience, can present creative solutions by making the most of Shangri-La’s versatile function spaces. From the playful and intimate Haldi ceremony to the beautiful Mehendi ritual, to the fun-filled Sangeet party, each ceremony will resonate with the grandeur of a lavish wedding by the River of Kings.  The 1,360-square-metre expanse of the pillar-free Grand Ballroom and the spacious ballroom foyer serves as a blank canvas and can be transformed into virtually anything that the imagination requires.

The wedding procession or Baraat is a significant part of the Indian wedding and is held in high esteem.  It is a large and elaborate procession to the wedding venue of the bridegroom and his baraatis: the groom’s family members, relatives and friends together with the band and dancers.  At Shangri-La Hotel, Bangkok, the bridegroom may choose the traditional way by travelling on a mare or opt for a more extravagant way by swopping his means of transportation to a Rolls-Royce, helicopter, friendly elephant or the Horizon Cruise.  With the hotel’s helipad, the hotel-owned pier and the spacious lobby that can fit a rather sizeable elephant, the sky is the limit.

Heading the Indian culinary team is the hotel’s sous chef Lokendra Pal Singh. The Indian wedding specialists can arrange a special session with Chef Singh to discuss the type of cuisine and special dietary requests. Chef Singh will see to the guests’ needs and customise the signature menu for the wedding reception.  Guests will be delighted to find that their wedding menu tastes as authentic as it would in India.

Another advantage to hosting an Indian wedding at Shangri-La Hotel, Bangkok, apart from the flexibility and functionality of its event spaces and sumptuous cuisine, is the level of professionalism and hospitality provided by the hotel.  Guests can always rely on the hotel’s Indian wedding specialists for advice, ideas and support.

“In our mindset, it is not just another guest’s wedding.  We plan every wedding as if it were for family or friend, ensuring each nuance is just right. Our clear mission is to make your once in a lifetime event beautifully done in the most memorable way, for your biggest day is also ours,” said Priya Banerjee, director of business development – India at Shangri-La Hotel, Bangkok.

To round out the couples’ most celebrated moment, the hotel also offers an add-on honeymoon package at Shangri-La Hotel, Chiang Mai, in the mountainous culturally rich city, as a cherry on top of the sweetest dream wedding. 

For further information on hosting an Indian wedding at Shangri-La Hotel, Bangkok, please call Shangri-La's Indian Wedding Specialists Team on (66 2) 236 7777 extension 6892 or e-mail

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