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Shangri-La Hotel, Bangkok Completes US$1.5 Million Remodeling Programme Of New Safety-Focused Centralised Kitchen

Shangri-La Hotel, Bangkok Completes US$1.5 Million Remodeling Programme Of New Safety-Focused Centralised Kitchen

Following the completion of the US$60 million refurbishment programme in 2010, Shangri-La Hotel, Bangkok continued to push forward its renovation campaign with the recent completion of its US$1.5 million main kitchen overhaul.  The brand new state-of-the-art centralised kitchen features world-class R13 anti-slip floor tiles, a dedicated fruit and vegetable washing and processing area, hall access cool rooms, roll-in smoker, separate vacuum areas, blast chillers and the latest Rational ovens to enhance the activity of each kitchen section and the overall workflow in the kitchen. 

The new kitchen is where chefs responsible for preparing food for banquets and functions of all sizes as well as the hotel’s dining outlets work, and it is not only full equipped with the latest appliances but also has been designed with maximum safety at the forefront. 

Sommerville remodelled the kitchen by combining different kitchen stations into one single “command centre” with the aim to centralise food preparation and production to reduce waste from each food section, create a logical flow from receiving to serving the food in outlets and reduce the chance of cross-contamination of raw and cooked products.  

Chefs can work smoothly in the new kitchen without having to worry about the risk of   slip-related incidents, as Sommerville selected tiles with R13 and R10 anti-slip floor tile ratings to install in the new kitchen area and in kitchen hallways respectively. R13 is the resistance recommended for wet areas, while R10 is often used in areas where the risk of slipping is less.  

The kitchen is composed of seven main sections – the hot kitchen, Western and Asian kitchen, a dedicated fruit and vegetable washing and processing area, cool rooms, separate butcher and fish/sushi rooms that feature roll-in hot smokers, blast chillers and stock pots area and the main hall. Each section has been completely rebuilt and outfitted with the latest culinary equipment to support the hotel’s extensive food and beverage operations. The 4.5-month construction period included refurbishment of all the walls, floors and  ceilings as well as the mechanical and electrical fixtures. 

All vegetables and fruit go through a washing spa in the vegetable receiving/washing/preparation area that sanitises the food for safety purpose before being sent to the hot and cold kitchens. Chefs in the cold kitchen and fruit areas process and  cook the fresh items to supply all of the hotel’s outlets and banqueting requirements.  

In the butcher area, all food items are processed, clearly labelled and put on shelving in the butcher fridges.  This area has separate vacuum machines for various purposes, such as processed and unprocessed items, seafood and prepared hot items like soup and hot food. 

The newly installed modern luxury kitchen facilities include the BASTRA smoking machine.  As demand for the hotel’s smoked products is high, a large smoking machine that can smoke 200 kilograms of salmon a day was installed. New blast chillers and the  latest Rational professional ovens were also installed; the ovens combine the functionality of a convection oven and a steam cooker, which leads to better preservation of the nutritional value of foods. 

The hotel now features the latest kitchen appliances, where safety and hygiene feature in  all food production processes – hence enhancing the highest level of safety features for its culinary brigade to further strengthen the quality and consistency of all food being prepared,” said Frank Bohdan, executive chef of Shangri-La Hotel, Bangkok. 

Shangri-La Hotel, Bangkok became the first hotel in Thailand to be awarded HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point System) certification for food and beverage services in September 2006 and was the first hotel in Thailand to achieve ISO 14001 certification for its environment management system in January 2000.

With a prime location on the famous River of Kings and the only riverside hotel with a “skytrain” station just a few steps away from the Krungthep Wing entrance, Shangri-La Hotel, Bangkok has become popular as a city-resort welcoming business and leisure travellers and meeting and incentive groups.  The hotel offers 802 guestrooms and suites,  nine dining choices and banquet and catering services in over 20 rooms of various sizes.

Rashana Pimolsindh
Director of Communications

Sirirat Traisupa
Communications Manager

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