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Shangri-La Hotel, Bangkok Is Thailand’s First Certified Haccp Hotel

Shangri-La Hotel, Bangkok Is Thailand’s First Certified Haccp Hotel


Bangkok, 31 October 2013 - After being the first hotel in Bangkok to achieve ISO 14001 certification in January 2000, Shangri-La Hotel, Bangkok once more breaks records as the first hotel in Thailand to be awarded the HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point System) certification. 

Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts realises the significance of consumer law compliance; thus, basic  criterias of HACCP  have been modified to a food safety programme of the group.  The Shangri-La Food Safety Management System (SFSMS) - designed to verify the reduction and control of risks, ensure consistency of food preparation and service is  maintained as well as in preparation for future HACCP certification - has been internally implemented in all Shangri-La properties to prevent customers for customers dining in the hotels.   

Shangri-La Hotel, Bangkok started implementing SFSMS in May 2001. The main guidelines, which are keys to a successful food safety system, consist of temperature control of food processing, kitchen staff hygience, food contamination, food purchasing, pest control, and theoretical and practical training for kitchen staff.  Stringent reviews and audits have since been performed year after year in accordance with policies set by JohnsonDiversey, an international consulting company on environmental standard prior to receiving SFSMS certification.    

Additional steps required for HACCP certification were taken in June 2006.  Staff had to strictly follow the hotel’s food safety management policies and intensive training on HACCP principles.  Various steps of daily operation to achieve customer satisfaction also include understanding of food safety requirements, a suitable HACCP plan and development, corrective action where problems occurred, monitoring and recording, verification, review and maintenance.   

HACCP certification has been awarded to Shangri-La Hotel, Bangkok in response to its commitment to systematic procedures to manage food safety.  This accomplishement  is very important not only to prevent our guests from foodborne illness and health protection, but also for our own employees’ good health.   

The HACCP Certification Ceremony for Shangri-La Hotel, Bangkok in the provision of Food & Beverage Service by Moody International Certification Group was held at the hotel on 27 September 2006. 

The Shangri-La Hotel, Bangkok is the group’s third hotel to achieve HACCP certification, complimenting two sister properties: Shangri-La Hotel Kuala Lumpur and Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore. 


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