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Shangri-La Hotel, Tokyo introduces a new breakfast menu - Farm Fresh: Locally Sourced, Seasonally Harvested

Shangri-La Hotel, Tokyo introduces a new breakfast menu - Farm Fresh: Locally Sourced, Seasonally Harvested

Shangri-La Hotel, Tokyo is proud to announce a new initiative in our ongoing efforts to support the local community and environment with a new breakfast buffet and a la carte menu – Farm Fresh: Locally sourced, Seasonally harvested.

Launching April 1, the new menucomprises the freshest ingredients sourced from local farmers in prefectures across Japan, chosen by Stéphane Puverel, Executive Chef. The new selection replaces imported products with domestic food of equal or higher quality and freshness, and forms part of our five-day rotation[1] of breakfast options.

Unique items are included in the new menu, such as Tokyo Palace Honey, derived from flowers in the vicinity of The Imperial Palace, cheeses from Hokkaido and Nagano and tomatoes using reduced pesticides.Our focus is on food variety and freshness, as all items are showcased in limited quantity and replenished frequently throughout the breakfast experience.  Along with the intimate set-up and presentation, the hotel provides breakfast with a “boutique” hotel feel.

Farmers who demonstrate genuine passion and ownership of their produce are synonymous with high quality. Not only does our Executive Chef bring the finest ingredients to your table, but he also helps initiate guests to contribute to the environment by reducing their carbon footprint, leading to a sustainable future. New partnerships with small farms that lack their own distribution channels ensure the future of such farms, and recognition of their dedication and value in the Japanese food economy.

Five-day rotation is available at Piacere only.  Buffet and a la carte are available at Piacere and Horizon Club.  Buffet is available at The Lobby Lounge during high occupancy days only.

Guests will enjoy the following locally-grown produces at Farm Fresh.


Agriculture producers’ cooperative corporation - Kyodo Gakusha Shintoku Nojo, Hokkaido

This cheese takes three months to age . It has a distinctive aroma on the outer rind while its inside is mild.  A strong aroma is released by heating it.

Production of raclette was recommended by Jean Hubert, Chairman of the Cheese Association of Controlled Designation of Originwho visited the farm.  The farm inherited a traditional method of cheese production by using non-pasteurised milk.  In addition, it practices dairy farming of free-range cows, controlled by other microorganisms allowing dispensation of nature.  By being in charge of the entire process from milk to cheese production, the farm is able to maintain quality control and traceability.  Cows are raised in a stress-reduced and natural manner of pasturage over 20 years, allowing the farmer to produce high quality cheese deriving from healthy cows.  Such practice also contributes to sustainability. 

- 1998 Best Award, All Japan Natural Cheese Contest 

-  2010 World Champion, Washed-cheese semi-hard category, WorldChampionship Cheese Contest, Wisconsin, USA

Camembert cheese 

Hirata Kogen, Nagano

Taking yeast from Camembert from Normandy and adding it into milk from their very own Hirata Kogen Manya Farm, the producer has successfully created Camembert with a creamy texture, allowing milk to fully express its own flavor.

- 2009  Best Cheese Award, All Japan Natural Cheese Contest


Shizuoka (available from June to December) 

Since its inception in the 1970s, this farm has been specialising in the production of tomatoes.  In 2007, they launched TOMATINI, a brand which is grown naturally allowing tomatoes to fully depend on its life force. Tomatini is grown using reduced pesticide and allowing product development and sales methods highlighting their innate gusto.

Tokyo Palace Honey  


Tokyo Palace Honey is natural honey extracted by flowers grown in the vicinity of the Imperial Palace.  Flowers pollinated by bees are eaten by birds and insects. By consuming honey derived from this cycle, you will contribute to bio-diversity of urban Tokyo.


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