The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development

  • Our Propose is “We host people to the colorful joys of life in a sustainable manner.”
  • For contributing Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), we conduct our own activities.

Our efforts to keep natural resources

Shangri-La Tokyo utilizes materials and foods that protect our environment and recycle.


~Responsible procurement~


  • •We use fair trade coffee.
  • •We prohibit products made from forced labor.
  • •We try to purchase as much as domestic and neighbors products to save food mileage.
  • •We use organic wine.




  • •Limex is used for our guests’ mask case.
  • •The paper straws are offered at our restaurants.
  • •Room light cards and TV channels guide cards in the guest rooms are made from eco-friendly materials.
  • •We provide QR code menus in guest rooms and restaurants to reduce paper use.
  • •FSC certified paper is used for guest brochure&flyer.



  • •Guest amenity boxes are recycled after use.
  • •Nespresso capsules provided in guest rooms are recycled after use.
  • •Comply with the company headquarters' policy, we use as much of recyclable paper as possible.
  • •For a linen and towel cleaning partner, we select company that saves water and energy.
  • •We collect plastic bottles caps in the hotel and as recycle materials, we donate to “Japan Committee Vaccines for the World’s Children (JCV)”.
  • •During the period when bento boxes were served as employee meals (March-April 2021), we conducted bento box recycling.


~Other environmental initiatives~


  • •We save energy and reduce power consumption throughout the hotel.
  • •The facility management department leads measures to save water in the hotel.

Contribution to the local community

We strive to contribute to the local community through event and donation activities


  • •We provide hospitality training to the community (from 2020, we stop our hospitality training due to prevent COVID-19).
  • •We provide hotel tours for vocational school students and local residents.
  • •We contribute our neighborhood by participating in Chiyoda word cleaning activities and other activities.




  • •A part of the sales of bath salts is donated to maintain the Kuromatsu tree in the Imperial Palace Garden.
  • •To support “Clean the World” initiative, we collected non-used soap in guest rooms and shaved to remanufacture, then donated to developing countries such as Philipines(2018.3 ~ 2021.4).
  • •Donated 504 bottles of guest room drinking water to the Chiyoda ward vaccination site.
  • •Donated emergency rations to Aoitori Home, a child welfare facility that supports single-mother families (May 2021). Also collected gifts from employees and neighboring companies to donate gifts as Christmas presents to children (December 2021).


~Measure for disaster~


  • •Shangri-La Tokyo stocks emergency foods. In case of disaster, we prepare supporting employees/ guests and people who have difficulty returning home.

Employee initiatives

We formed the Shangri-La Tokyo CSR team to promote sustainability and community activities to aim for SDGs within the company through various CSR activities devised by the team. All employees will gain points by proactively participating in the hotel’s CSR activities, and employee participation is reflected in the bonus. The CSR team leads various activities such as donations, cleaning, and recycling every year.


  • •At Shangri-La Tokyo, we have an environment in which women work comfortably. Many management staff are women and many women return after maternity leave.
  • •Many foreigners work at Shangri-La Tokyo, and all in-house signages are posted in bi-lingual (Japanese / English). Employee meals have various menus for people from different regions.
  • •UNICEF cards are used for employee birthday cards.