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Shangri-La Hotel, Kuala Lumpur Introduces Press-Reader

Shangri-La Hotel, Kuala Lumpur Introduces Press-Reader

Shangri-La Hotel, Kuala Lumpur recently introduced Press-Reader, a digital newspaper and magazine service with access to more than 2,000 local, regional and international publications.

Guests and restaurant patrons at Shangri-La Hotel, Kuala Lumpur will enjoy unlimited access to these publications from 100 countries in 60 languages.

The service has been in place within Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts since 29 March 2014 to offer guests more value in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way.

To use the service, guests must first connect to the hotel Wi-Fi using their laptops, tablets or smartphones. They will then go to or download the Press-Reader app for Apple, Android, Blackberry and Windows. Afterward, they may choose their desired language and publication from Press-Reader and enjoy reading in their room or anywhere within the hotel.

The service will be available at all Wi-Fi-accessible areas at Shangri-La Hotel, Kuala Lumpur. Guests using the Wi-Fi in the hotel cars will also be able to access the service.

In addition to Press-Reader, Shangri-La Hotel, Kuala Lumpur will also offer print editions of selected newspapers on request by guests.

Press-Reader is a portable newsstand where guests can download full editions of their favourite international newspapers or magazines to their own device, said Igor Smirnoff, chief commercial officer for Press Reader.

“Guests can wake up and read their hometown paper in their native language from the comfort of their room, even before the issue hits their doorstep at home,” Mr Smirnoff said.

Hong Kong-based Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts currently operates over 100 hotels with a room inventory of over 41,000. Shangri-La hotels are five-star deluxe properties featuring extensive luxury facilities and services. Shangri-La hotels are located in Australia, Canada, mainland China, Fiji, France, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Maldives, Mauritius, Mongolia, Myanmar, Philippines, Qatar, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Sultanate of Oman, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom. The group has a substantial development pipeline with upcoming projects in Australia, Bahrain, mainland China, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia and Saudi Arabia. For more information, visit

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