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Throw a party with a purpose

Our professionally organized, pre-arranged theme parties are the easy way to create a memorable experience for your event. To complement each theme, you may choose menus that are specially tailored to your guests' needs and preferences.

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1001 Nights

Open Sesame! Join Ali Baba and his forty thieves in a luxurious caravan to a rich and lush oasis. In this wonderful haven flowing with milk and honey, Ali Baba will treat you like the richest Sheikh in all of Arabia. Rest on plush cushions and intricate Persian carpets as belly dancers entertain you while you feast on a lavish Arabian buffet.

Carnival Samba

Don your sequined costume, feathered head dress and dancing shoes to join in the fun on the Carnival Street. Join the pulsating beat of the samba and cha-cha dances. Bend backwards and try to make it under the lowering limbo-rock bar. After the fun exercise, quench your thirst with a delightful concoction of cocktails and indulge in delicious carnival fare.

Carry On Up The Jungle

or those who love adventure in the great outdoors, we invite you to the exotic jungle right here at Shangri-La. We'll provide a local troop of natives who will set up camp, hunt, entertain you with their jungle dances and then 'cook' your most hated enemy in the pot. Sit back, relax and revel in the sounds of the exotic birds and crickets while taking in the cascading spray from the thunderous waterfall.

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