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Crayfish Extravaganza At Pudong Shangri-La, East Shanghai

Crayfish Extravaganza At Pudong Shangri-La, East Shanghai

Pudong, China, 5 July 2017 – Along with summer comes the crayfish season, and people all over the city are craving for this yummy little crustacean. Pudong Shangri-La, East Shanghai presents a joint crayfish promotion by launching a special menu at Gui Hua Lou from July 2017 and a crayfish-themed buffet at Yi Café from 12 July 2017. Both promotions will be available until the end of August.
Crayfish Menu at Gui Hua Lou
Crayfish with Rice Wine 
Summer-time is the best season to enjoy rice wine dishes. In Jiangnan region, people used to stew meat and fowl in soy sauce, of which rice wine dishes are the most well-known. A bowl of savoury and mellow rice wine blends perfectly with the ingredients, bringing a rich and tasty texture to the dish. Chef Gao carefully selects the freshest seasonal crayfish to boil in water and stew with rice wine before finally chilling it, delivering a cool and refreshing feeling in diners’ taste buds.
Double Boiled Crayfish with Matsutake Mushrooms and Tomato in Superior Soup
The matsutake mushroom has long been considered the king of mushrooms due to its rich protein and other various nutrients. Chef Gao double boiled the matsutake mushroom with tomato and added the fresh crayfish to the superior soup, creating a perfect combination of the sourness of tomato, the umami flavour of the matsutake mushroom and the chewy meat of crayfish.
Chef Gao also created an innovative way of cooking crayfish by presenting Sautéed Crayfish with Chinese Yam and Ginkgo and Rice Soup with Crayfish Meat. Other signature crayfish dishes are not to be missed as well such as Sautéed Crayfish with Spices and Red Chili and Spicy Crayfish. 
Crayfish Themed Buffet at Yi Café
Diners will be able to indulge in an unlimited medley of crayfish dishes influenced by Asian and Western flavours, or savour fresh crayfish such as Crayfish on Ice and Crayfish Ceviche Peruvian style with Cilantro at the Japanese station as well as Crayfish and Mango and Spiced Sriracha Dip at the Cold station.
A delightful showcase awaits at the Western station, featuring Crayfish Pizza and Oven Baked Crayfish Thermidor style with Cream Mushroom, Dijon Mustard and Cheese. For a local taste, savour Deep Fried Crayfish with Salt and Pepper at the Chinese station, rich with the savoury and crispy flavour of the yummy crustacean. The irresistible Signature 13 Spicy Crayfish will have diners reaching out for more. 
Look forward to unique crayfish dishes with more exotic flavours from the Lebanese master chef such as Braised Crayfish with Arabic Spice. You may also indulge in the Stir Fried Sambal Chili Crayfish at the Malay station; and don’t miss the Coconut Curry Crayfish cooked to succulent perfectton by the talented Indian chef.

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