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Island Shangri-La Hong Kong Presents Charity Mooncake And New Mooncake Flavours For Mid-Autumn Festival

For this year’s Mid-Autumn Festival, Island Shangri-La, Hong Kong will present guests with the newly launched charitable Heep Hong Mooncake and the signature Seven Stars Mooncake with two new flavours, in addition to the all-time favourite selection of hampers and traditional baked mooncakes.

Mooncake for Charity
The Heep Hong Charity Mooncake is an initiative to raise funds for the hotel’s long-term charity partner,Heep Hong Society–one of Hong Kong’s largest service providers of early intervention and education for children with special needs.The mooncake box is wrapped with beautiful drawings painted by the children from Heep Hong Society, and it contains four pieces of traditional mooncakes with white lotus seed paste and double egg yolks.

Speaking of this meaningful initiative, Mr. Wolfgang Krueger, Vice President and General Manager of Island Shangri-La said, “With the money to be raised from this special mooncake, we hope that more children from Heep Hong will have the opportunities to develop their potential for a fulfilling life.  We trust that mooncake is more than just a delicious festive treat, it carries a deeper message of love and generosity.”

“Thanks to our dearest friend and partner, Island Shangri-La, Hong Kong, for their wholehearted support towards our children with special needs.The charity sale will not only enable us to help more underprivileged children to receive early intervention, but also provide an opportunity for the children to express their gratitude to families and friends with their artistic talents,” said Ms. Nancy Tsang, JP., Director of Heep Hong Society.

The charity mooncake will also be available for sale at Kowloon Shangri-La, Hong Kong; Traders Hotel, Hong Kong; and Aberdeen Marina Club.  All proceeds from the sale of this charitable mooncakewill benefit Heep Hong Society’s diversified services and facilities.  For more information about the charity, please visit

Seven Stars Mooncake
The limited-edition Seven Stars Mooncake, which successfully debuted last year, has become the ultimate indulgence for mooncake lovers. Inside its elegant crimson-coloured box are one large mooncake with white lotus seed paste and four egg yolks, surrounded by seven mini mooncakes.

The assorted fillings of the mini mooncakes include red bean paste with olive nuts, white lotus seed paste with egg yolk, seaweed paste with egg yolk, mixed nut paste, golden lotus seed paste as well as two new creations by Chef Ip Chi Cheung, Executive Chinese Chef of the two-star Michelin Summer Palace: pineapple paste – a refreshing fruity choice inspired by the popular Taiwanese pineapple cake; and red jujube paste – a subtle ingredient highly regarded for its numerous health benefits.

Mid-Autumn Mooncakes and Hampers
For those looking for the perfect gift idea, a wide selection of mooncake sets and hampers is also available. Please refer to the appendix for details.

Guests can enjoy discounts ranging from 10 to 25 % on purchases of 11 or more boxes of mooncakes (except the Heep Hong Charity Mooncake).  In addition, guests will be entitled to a HKD 200 dining voucher valid at Island Shangri-La for every purchase worth HKD 4,000 (after discount).  Special mooncake coupons are also available at Island Gourmet.

Delivery service to Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and the New Territories can be arranged for HKD 150, HKD 200 and HKD 300, respectively.

To place orders, please call Island Gourmet at (852) 2820 8551, e-mail or visit the mooncake display counter on Level 5 of the hotel from now until 18 September 2013.

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