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Press Release

New Executive Pastry Chef Jonathan Gallet Launches His First Cake Series Featuring French Classics and Contemporary Creations at Déli Kool

New Executive Pastry Chef Jonathan Gallet Launches His First Cake Series Featuring French Classics and Contemporary Creations at Déli Kool

Kowloon Shangri-La, Hong Kong’s Déli Kool makes a centrestage for new Executive Pastry Chef, Jonathan Gallet to introduce his brand-new Cake and Pastries series, presenting a delicate array of sweet delights with rich texture and aromatic flavours to tempt all guests with a sweet tooth.

Chef Jonathan Gallet joined Kowloon Shangri-La, Hong Kong in April 2020, he leads the hotel’s pastry kitchen to produce all palatable pastry and bakery items for the seven restaurants and banquet, including Déli Kool, an open dessert kitchen at Café Kool and the ever-popular Birdie Paradise Afternoon Tea Set at Lobby Lounge.  Prior to his current role, Chef Jonathan built up extensive working experience around the world, including One & Only The Palm Hotel in Dubai, Les Chalets du Mont d’Arbois, a Four Seasons Hotel in Megève, France.

After experimenting and tasting for months, Chef Jonathan proudly presents his fresh and delectable collection of confectionaries that appeal to both the eye and palate of dessert lovers, by using exquisite ingredients, ten signature whole Cakes and ten individual portion Pastries, are all set to please the guests.

The irresistible range of traditional French patisserie, including Vanilla Flan Parisian, Lemon Meringue Tart, Mont Blanc Chestnut Cake, All Chocolate Cake and more.  His innovative creation highlights include Berries Cheesecake, Lime Strawberry Coconut Cake, and Hazelnut Cake, to name a few. 

Having impressive experience in hospitality industry, Chef Jonathan has spent decades in perfecting his pastry-making skills and recipes, aiming to satisfy diners’ taste buds with authentic flavours while impressing them with a modern interpretation.  He also caters to local diners’ palates by reducing the level of sweetness and infusing local popular ingredients into his cakes, creating taste experiences with a refreshing tang. 

In addition to French classics, Chef Jonathan is skillful at bringing his creative flair to unique confections.  He marries French pastry techniques with different combinations of premium ingredients and complex textures, developing innovative taste sensations and luscious flavours, striking a wonderful balance between textures, taste and aroma.

Chef Jonathan’s Decadent Signature Creations 

All Chocolate Cake 

Rich Chocolate Cake with a crunchy Hazelnut base, Chocolate Biscuits, Chocolate Cream,  Chocolate Mousse and glaze, revealing multiple Chocolate textures in one bite.

Berries Cheesecake    

A decadent Cheesecake dipped in Raspberry glaze, topped with fresh Strawberries, Blueberries and Raspberries, giving a light, creamy textured Cheesecake.

Lime Strawberry Coconut Cake     

A creative twist of sweet and sour flavours with layers of Coconut Cream, Coconut Dacquoise Biscuit and tangy Strawberry Compote, encased in Lime Mousse and pink glaze, layered upon a crunchy Lime and Coconut base.

Hazelnut Cake       

A delightful combination of a crispy Hazelnut base, Dacquoise Biscuits and Hazelnut Cream, layers are coated with Praline Mousse and glazed with Milk Chocolate Ganache.   

Vanilla Flan Parisian    

A signature French dessert, smooth and creamy Vanilla Custard, encased in a buttery and thick  puff  pastry with caramelised surface,  rustic  yet  pleasing  to the palate.

Lemon Meringue Tart   

A classic French dessert with a light yet refreshing Lemon Cream filling and French Meringue, finished with Lime zest on top.

Raspberry Mille Feuille  

Featuring flaky layers of  Caramelised  Puff Pastry, this classic creation combines perfectly with rich Vanilla Cream and fresh Raspberries.  Chestnut and Vanilla flavours are also available.

Mont Blanc Chestnut Cake  

This classic French Pastry features pillowy and creamy Chestnut Purée atop a light pile of Meringue and whipped Cream.

Fraisier Cake   

A traditional French refreshment, Vanilla Cream and fresh Strawberries sandwiched between layers of fluffy Vanilla Sponge Cake. 

Black Forest Cake   

A traditional Black Forest Cake with a modern twist. Chef Jonathan turns the Cake into a real “Black Forest”.  Chocolate Sponge Cake filled with dark Chocolate Mousse and Kirsch-infused Cherries, layered with  lightly whipped Cream  and  decorated with Chocolate tree garnish.    

For more cake options and details, please click here for Déli Kool Cake and Pastry Order Form.