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Island Shangri-La Hong Kong Offers A Taste Of Five Cities With New Themed Coffee Break Menus

Island Shangri-La, Hong Kong has created five new themed coffee break menus targeting event organisers looking for a fresh and innovative take on regular coffee break menus.

The new menu features themes from Paris, Shanghai, Mumbai, Bangkok and Hong Kong. Aside from showcasing the cuisines from these cities, elements of each theme are also incorporated into the décor, ambience and buffet table set up. Event organisers can choose from themes that would take guests to an afternoon on the side streets of Bangkok to enjoy spring rolls with crabmeat or to a chic Parisian café for a Crepe Suzette.

“We were inspired by recent Shangri-La openings in destinations like Paris and Shanghai and wanted to highlight signature and authentic flavours from these exciting cities to perk up a rudimentary coffee break menu,” said Executive Chef Alexander Paul.

The new menu includes favourites, such as Sticky Rice with Mango, Tandoori Chicken, Dan Dan Noodles and Raspberry Mille Feuille, and a live chef’s station for each theme.

The new themed menus can be availed as an upgrade to the regular coffee break menu that is part of the Superior Full Day Meeting Package, which includes the following benefits:

  • Complimentary use of a meeting room from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • Choice of Chinese/Western set or roll-in luncheon in a private function room or an international buffet luncheon at cafe TOO
  • One morning and one afternoon coffee/tea break with refreshments
  • Coffee and tea served throughout the meeting
  • Complimentary use of meeting equipment
The package is based on a minimum of 15 persons at HKD 1,050 plus 10% service charge per person. Upgrades will be charged an additional HKD 210 plus 10% service charge per person per coffee break. The themed coffee break is for 25 to 60 persons per coffee break. For reservation or enquiries, please contact Events Management at (852) 2820 8517 or e-mail
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