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Island Shangri-La, Hong Kong Launches Green Weekend - A CSR Initiation For a Sustainable Environment

Island Shangri-La, Hong Kong has launched “Green Weekend”, a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative instigated by the hotel to coincide with the corporate vision of sustainability and pro-actively deepen its contributions to the environment and the sustainability of the community the hotel operates in.

Green Weekend will be an ongoing monthly practice that involves the hotel and its guests in making a combined effort “with an aim to reinforce the awareness on the importance of environment protection amongst our guests and our colleagues.” Hotel Manager Mr Gabriele Lombardo explains.

“Changing our habits is difficult,” Mr Lombardo added, “but we believe that by adding a fun part to it, it will help achieve change more easily. Green Weekend is also an opportunity to encourage ourselves to dedicate some time to reflect on how critical our day to day behaviours are towards the environment and how simple it is to make a difference.” For that reason, a series of activities concerning areas such as energy and water conservation as well as environment education are being implemented during Green Weekend.

These activities include Green Walk, a guided tour at the adjacent Hong Kong Park where hotels guest can participate to learn more about the ecosystem and unique vegetation species in Hong Kong. Moreover, the hotel will dim all non-essential lighting during the weekend, while guests are also encouraged to do the same in their rooms, take showers instead of baths and to utilise the city’s public transportation network whenever possible.

“The Shangri-La Hotel Management has always been at the forefront when it comes to sustainability, in particular when the group has made it to the Dow Jones Sustainability Index in October 2013.” Mr Lombardo said, “As a result, Island Shangri-La has also taken a proactive role towards this subject whenever and wherever it can be applied through activities such as food recycling via the non-profit organisation Foodlink and removing shark’s fin and endangered produce from the menu.”

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