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Chris Hannah of Arnaud's French 75 In New Orleans Shakes Up A Storm With Themed Creations At Lobster Bar And Grill

Lobster Bar and Grill at Island Shangri-La, Hong Kong welcomes the ingenious star mixologist Chris Hannah from New Orleans’ long-standing establishment, Arnaud’s French 75, from 27 to 29 August 2013.

For three nights, Chris Hannah will showcase his tour de force mixology skills over nightly themes – A Night In New Orleans; Hong Kong Old and New and The Next Generation alongside Lobster Bar and Grill’s Head Bartender, Agung Prabowo. During the evenings, special music will be played to accompany a series of flamboyant concoctions inspired by the theme.

A Night in New Orleans (27 August) – Bourbon Street comes alive on Supreme Court Road with live old-school jazz and glasses full of cognac and whiskey-laced drinks, such as Vieux Carre, Brandy Crusta and Roffignac.

Hong Kong Old and New (28 August) – A mix of the old and new with an oriental touch. Deep jazzy house-inspired tunes will serenade the bar, while such gin-based cocktails as Pisco Punch and Sensation (gin, maraschino, lemon and mint) are served.

The Next Generation (29 August) – Take Tokyo and New York as the cue of inspiration and filled with a soundtrack of vintage, uncut soul and jazz-funk. Chris and Agung will explore the extremes with celebratory fizzes, innovative tequila tipples and old-fashioneds tailor-made for all spirits brown and white.

“I am delighted to be in Hong Kong to share my passion for cocktail making to a crowd that is already knowledgeable, but meanwhile awe struck them with my originality,” Chris said on his second visit to Asia.

Chris began tending bars 14 years ago at the Duck News Café in North Carolina.  He has since become one of the most sought-after mixologists in one of the best-known drinking cities in the world, New Orleans.  He sees “sky is the limit” when it comes to cocktail making.  His creations transcend a sense of passion filled with stories and history, much like many of the customers he encounters.  This unique approach to mixology has brought him the stamp of approval from GQ and Wall Street Journal to New York Times Magazine over successive occasions.

About Arnaud’s French 75
Arnaud’s is the largest and one of the longest standing restaurants in New Orleans since it opened for business in 1918.  It is also one of the few restaurants in the area that still serves classic Creole cuisine.  Adjacent to Arnaud’s main dining room is French 75 Bar, named one of GQ’s top 25 bars in the US, a sophisticated addition to nightlife in the French Quarter of the city where cocktail connoisseurs frequent and embrace the heavy emphasis on premium spirits.


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