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Fast Facts

Corporate Social Responsibility

Shangri-La Hotel, Paris teams up with Sport San Frontières to help through sports.

Since late 2012, Shangri-La Hotel, Paris has supported the non-governmental organisation "Sport Sans Frontières" (Sport without Borders). Created in 1999, SSF is an international solidarity association which implements development programmes using sport as an educational, therapeutic and awareness-raising tool. On a local level in Paris, vulnerable children today face social and economic strife, accompanied by an array of family difficulties. Through SSF, educational modules based on sports and games are developed for the children and aimed at triggering their self-development and reintegration into society. As of today, SSF has been declared a 'public interest' organisation and approved by the French Ministry of Health, Youth and Sport.

Funding Support
Shangri-La Hotel, Paris plans to support teachers and students in developing their preventive and awareness approach programme. This will be done through the creation of the "kit Playdagogique" which allows the teachers to set up sport sessions containing strong educational messages in the arenas of nutrition and obesity, violence, harassment, and the fragile relationships between girls and boys.

Latest News
Through specific actions, employees and guests of the hotel are invited to join in Sport Sans Frontières French programme called "Playdagogie," which consists of hotel colleague teams participating in different race and sports events such as Marathon des Sables 2012, Paris 20km 2011-2012-2013, and Vertigo race 2013. This will help raise funds for the programme.

As part of Universal Children's Rights Day, Shangri-La Hotel, Paris and Sport Sans Frontières organised, for the first time last year, a charity dinner. This year, it will take place at Shangri-La Historical Gallery on 20 November 2013, Universal Children's Day. More than 200 guests will attend the dinner and all proceeds raised during the event are donated to Sport Sans Frontière France Programme.

Join Us
If you would like to join Shangri-La Hotel, Paris' "Embrace" programme with "Sport Sans Frontières" and be part of this exciting project, please contact:

Jerome Schehr
Area Director Finance
(33) 1 53 67 19 10 – jerome.schehr@shangri-la.com

Mélanie Hubert
Director of Communications
(33) 1 53 67 19 41 – melanie.hubert@shangri-la.com