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Shang Palace presents gastronomic Hong Kong week from 3 to 14 April 2014

Shang Palace presents gastronomic Hong Kong week from 3 to 14 April 2014

Exotic flavours are ready to surprise you for an exceptional culinary getaway experience at Shang Palace from 3 to 14 April 2014.

The first restaurant dedicated to Cantonese-inspired cuisine, Shang Palace has been the must-not-miss meeting place in Paris since its opening in 2011. Crowned with a Michelin star the following year, this restaurant managed by Chef Frank Xu is renowned for offering an enchanted escape into the Middle Kingdom and now represents the true Hong Kong in the French capital.

For the first time, Shang Palace welcomes two-star, Chef Mok Kit Keung, directly from the iconic Kowloon Shangri-La Hotel in Hong Kong for a unique gastronomic week.

Chef Mok has imagined a menu that reflects his cuisine - inventive and contemporary – using noble and delicate products, such as lobster and turbot. Guests will be especially surprised by the Chilled Marinated Razor Clam and Jelly Fish or by the Braised Pumpkin Soup with Lobster. The Sautéed Turbot Filet with Wild Mushrooms and Black Bean Sauce will appeal to gourmets as will the Braised Homemade Spinach Bean Curd with Wild Mushrooms, a dish rarely served in the West as very specific to Chinese cuisine.

A seven-course menu exclusively made for this gastronomic week will reveal Hong Kong's best cuisine of the moment: have a look on the menu.

About Chef Mok Kit Keung:
A highly skilled technician known for his sense of ingredients, Chef Mok has 35 years' culinary experience. He has worked at such prestigious institutions as Raffles Singapore. Officiating at Shang Palace at Kowloon Shangri-La, Hong Kong since 2011, the Chef expresses all his creativity to honour the two stars awarded by the Hong Kong Macau Michelin Guide.

About Chef Frank Xu:
Chef Frank Xu, a native of Shenzhen, a city near Hong Kong, joined Shangri-La Hotel, Paris' Executive Chef Philippe Labbé in April 2011 for the opening of Shang Palace in September of the same year.

Supported by four Sous-Chefs, also from China, Chef Frank Xu orchestrates his brigade composed of four fields: wok, barbecue, chopper and dim sum; each field having its Master Sous-Chef.

The cosy dining room at Shang Palace is a genuine journey to China for our guests with its unique Asian atmosphere featuring magnificent chandeliers, columns carved with water lilies and a few openwork mahogany screens, making each meal a unique and timeless moment.

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