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Shangri-La Hotel, Paris unveils a Parisian oasis with the launch of its new wing and private garden

Shangri-La Hotel, Paris unveils a Parisian oasis with the launch of its new wing and private garden

The new botanically inspired Garden Wing at Shangri-La Hotel, Paris has opened its doors, welcoming guests to experience an exceptional ode to nature and elegance.

Located next to the 19th century hôtel particulier originally commissioned by Prince Roland Bonaparte, the Garden Wing features a beautifully landscaped French garden in its inner courtyard, with the Eiffel Tower as an incomparable backdrop.

The garden, which sits adjacent to the hotel’s two-star gastronomic restaurant L’Abeille, run by Executive Chef Philippe Labbé, is open to visitors and guests. An inspired composition of flowers and plants makes Shangri-La Hotel, Paris’ garden truly rare among Paris luxury hotels.

Created as an extension of the hotel’s main building, the Garden Wing is directly accessible from the hotel’s lobby. The wing’s landmark façade blends seamlessly with the main building, perfectly complementing its architecture and wrought-iron details. With this addition, the hotel offers 11 new rooms and 9 suites arranged over five floors, bringing the hotel’s total room count to 101. On each of these floors, rooms and suites may be combined to form spacious private apartments.

As is typical of Haussmannian buildings in Paris, the guestrooms on the lower floors of the wing have exceptionally high ceilings and large windows that optimise natural light.  Elegant furnishings and noble materials, such as precious woods, exclusive fabric prints and a curated selection of Asian art, harmonise with the serenity of the garden outside.

Of the 20 rooms and suites in the Garden Wing, half overlook the imposing Art Deco-era Palais d’Iéna, while half faces the Eiffel Tower and provides an enchanting view of the hotel’s private garden. For each space, internationally acclaimed designer Pierre-Yves Rochon has created a décor that reflects the house’s imperial inspiration, spirit and style, evoking the elegance of a private Parisian apartment. An elevator set within the building’s handsome, original oak staircase leads to the upper floors, where guestrooms, and even some bathtubs, enjoy one of the best views of the Eiffel Tower available in the French capital. Guestroom amenities include complimentary Wi-Fi, ample dressing room/boudoirs and generous closet space featuring automatic motion-sensitive lighting technology, bathrooms with separate bath and shower, fogless mirrors with integrated flat screen TVs and heated marble floors.

Set in what used to be the private home of a member of Parisian’s high society, the Garden Suite and the Garden room on the first floor share a semi-circular terrace overlooking the gardens. Ideal for apéritifs or dinner on a summer evening, this area is beautifully bordered by flowers, such as camellia sasanqua.

At the heart of the newly reconfigured hotel lies a beautiful and unique garden à la française which occupies the entire inner courtyard. A stunning stylistic exercise in symmetry and perspective, the garden stretches the full length of the hotel’s gastronomic restaurant, L’Abeille, all the way to the opposite street. Landscaped by French Architectures & Scènes d’Exterieur agency in homage to Prince Bonaparte, a noted botanist in his day, the garden’s perimeter is planted with exotic and flowering trees – among them are Japanese maple, Persian ironwood, shadbush and eucalyptus.  Like living embroidery, lush, sculpted topiary, evergreens and trellises provide additional visual structure. Colourful seasonal trees, such as rosebushes, mimosa, jasmine and magnolia, are interspersed with plants and other shrubs to create a distinctive yet harmonious oasis in the middle of Paris. At the lawn’s end, a pergola recalls the terraced aesthetic of Mediterranean gardens, while monumental Medici planters complete the grandeur of the setting.

Thanks to its new wing and garden, Shangri-La Hotel Paris has blossomed into its full splendor.


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