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A new dynamic, a new concept: the Lounges of Shangri-La Paris introduce their new champagne bar, open every day from 2pm to 10pm, from 8th November 2021. The menu will offer a selection of six champagnes served by the glass, changing with each season according to the Head Sommelier's personal favourites. This winter's selection will include both white and rosé champagnes from the most prestigious French Maison, such as Veuve Clicquot, Bollinger, Laurent Perrier, Dom Pérignon, Duval-Leroy and Krug.

To each bar its own ritual: guests can now experience the sabering every evening at 7pm. This historical technique, popularised during the reign of Napoleon Bonaparte, is a trip back in time for all lovers of refined French living.

At the time, the hussars - the cavalry of the Napoleonic army - would celebrate a victory by opening bottles of champagne “à la hussarde". To mark the occasion, they would open the bottle in one masterful stroke, sending the cork flying with their sabre, which is where we get the expression "sabering the champagne". During one of these celebrations, Napoleon is alleged to have said "I drink champagne when I win, to celebrate... and when I lose, to comfort myself."
The establishment of this ritual is a new way to pay homage to the first master of our Parisian residence, Roland Bonaparte, who inspired the name of the bar adjoining the Lounges, Le Bar Botaniste. Napoleon's grand-nephew was an outstanding collector and scientist who, during his time, possessed the largest private herbarium in the world containing over 2,500,000 species, now on display at the University of Lyon.

Guests will also sample the delights of Pastry Chef Maxence Barbot's pastry cart, which offers a selection of his sumptuous creations, such as the Vanilla and Pecan Éclat, the Flan Parisien or the Hazelnut and Buckwheat Paris Brest, which can be enjoyed sitting in or to take away. A menu of sweet and savoury dishes is also available from 2pm to 6pm.

From 6pm onwards, it's aperitif hour, and our Dim Sum, Mini Black Truffle Croques-Monsieur, Gambas Torpedo Tempura, plus our range of cold plates and caviar selection provided by Maison Kaviari Paris, will satisfy any guests craving a little bite.

It's shaping up to be a festive and delicious winter at the Shangri-La Paris Lounges!

- The Lounges are open every day from 8th of November 2021 from 2pm to 10pm.
- Sweet and savoury menu available from 2pm to 6pm.
- Aperitif menu available from 6pm to 10pm.
- Excessive alcohol consumption is harmful to your health. Consume with moderation.
- The champagne sabering takes place every day at 7pm.

About The Lounges
Located just at the Hotel entrance, the Lounges are listed as a Historic Monument and former billiard room, smoking room and waiting room of Prince Roland Bonaparte, grand-nephew of Napoleon Bonaparte and first owner of the property. The space retains this cosy family home atmosphere and guests can gather around an authentic fireplace during the colder months.

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