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Le Bar Botaniste

Nestled at the heart of Shangri-La Hotel, Paris, Le Bar Botaniste has a surprise in wait thanks to the inventiveness and expertise of its team, who has created a new menu of 20 unique and astonishing cocktails.

The inspiration is drawn from the seasons and world travel to craft a cocktail menu that features unexpected, complex and memorable flavours – the fruit of nine months of extensive research. This is a real experience in mixology, with a team that continually strives to create perfect pairings and explore textures and flavours.

With ingredients such as Malabar white pepper, Aomori black garlic, Sicilian sumac, Kentucky tobacco, curry plant, calamansi, pistachio sap and sweet clover, this passionate, avant-garde mixologist invites us to discover his collection of little-known or seldom-used flavours.
The menu has been carefully designed in the form of a travel journal, sampling nature's most exceptional offerings from each “destination”. From Brittany to the Persian Gulf, Corsica to Mexico, all of the various fresh herbs and plants have been closely studied by the Head Barman. It is a reflection of the genetic legacy of the Shangri-La Hotel, Paris, which is proud of its botanical and historical heritage.

With the Cyrus, we are transported along the Silk Road, to Iran in particular: Polish rye vodka, Iranian black lemon powder and Lillet Grande Réserve, for lovers of citrus and powerful aromas. Surprisingly intense.

With the Nautilus, put on your diving suit to descend twenty thousand leagues under the sea. More than just a cocktail, this is a genuine marine exploration that transports you to the abyssal depths of the ocean. A one-way journey into a new world of flavours...

With the Bloom, the Spritz is taken to a whole other level. An Amaro crafted using a home-made mother tincture that blends twenty-or-so ingredients, to create superb complexity and a long finish.

With the Cocoa Dementha, enjoy a drink that is as astonishing visually as it is on the tastebuds: With gin, chocolate-mint, cocoa bean and marshmallow root, this is a liquid After Eight you can savour.

With the Zarparan, the Negroni takes on a rare complexity: Gin, Escubac, saffron, green cardamom and Kummel bring a touch of sun to this classic cocktail with their spice.

Awakened senses
Complex and varied, but always clear, this journey appeals to all the senses. It becomes enigmatic when a Chartreuse is worked like an elixir and the “potion” changes colour as your drink it, with the aromas of a red basil liqueur. It becomes iconic with the signature cocktail the Nektar, presented in a glass- and tin-sculpted bee, combining all the culinary delights offered by the beehive: pollen, mead, propolis and beeswax. It becomes fun and totally unique with a miniature Mexican cactus garden hiding its content underground, the idea being to symbolically drink the “juices of the Earth”. It becomes adventurous with the Xerik as we take on the arid Mexican desert: this blend of Bourbon, Mezcal, Beetroot, Malabar White Pepper and Tarragon is not for the faint-hearted. The presentation of this cocktail is astonishing, giving the impression that you are drinking a juice from deep beneath the Earth.

So what is the common thread? A striking botanical identity that is exclusive to each drink, taking cocktail lovers to imaginary places perfectly suited for each moment of the day.

Evermore rare and numerous bottles
Once again, the team has worked tirelessly to source new elixirs. For instance, he has expanded his range of whiskies from 50 to 140 references. The selection now includes unique Japanese whiskies, highly sought-after twenty-year-old bourbons, such as Pappy Van Winkle’s Family Reserve, an absinthe that dates back to 1797 – “essai n°1” (only 200 bottles in existence around the world), a selection of Caroni rums (from a distillery in Trinidad that has now disappeared) and more.

More than an experience, guests are taken off the beaten track and invited to enjoy a timeless moment as they explore the fantastic and flavoursome treasures of nature.

Le Bar Botaniste at Shangri-La Hotel, Paris
Open every evening from 6 pm to 2 am - +33 (0)1 53 67 19 98

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