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Christophe Moret, Executive Chef

Christophe Moret joined the teams at Shangri-La Hotel, Paris in January 2015 as Executive Chef.

“My passion for vegetables comes from my grandparents, who were market gardeners. I have wonderful memories of fresh spring vegetables bursting with life! Eating raw, crunchy beans and peas straight from the vegetable garden,” Chef Moret said. Appreciative of such culinary delights, he quickly learned how to cook. Wednesdays spent making clafoutis, cakes and pies progressed naturally to the secondary catering school in Blois, followed by an apprenticeship in starred establishments in Gien and the Haut-Rhin. In 1988, his discovery of the South of France was a revelation. “I had the good fortune to work with three amazing Chefs: Bruno Cirino, Jacques Maximin and, of course, Alain Ducasse. At the Grand Hotel in Saint-Jean-de-Luz, Bruno Cirino would go the market every day in the Spanish Basque country and bring back live fish. Sometimes, we would have a sea bass swimming among the lobsters in the restaurant’s tank,” the Chef said. Having been made Chef de Partie at Château Eza, Chef Moret joined another genius at the stove, Jacques Maximin, the following year. “It was there that I learned about organisation and presentation within a brigade of 25 people,” Chef Moret said.

His dream came true in 1990, when he went to work with the famous Chef Alain Ducasse at Le Louis XV in Monaco, which had just won its third Michelin star. This was a turning point of his career and the beginning of a long collaboration. By his side, Chef Moret gained precision, technique and perfection of his movements. Curious and open-minded, he then works at Le Royal Monceau and the 59 Poincaré as sous-Chef “an experience of improvement.”

In 1998, he takes up a new challenge when he is named Chef for the opening of Spoon, Food & Wine in Paris and excels in harmonizing worldwide flavours, offering Parisian a multi-ethnic cuisine : “This represented a huge challenge: we had to be capable of producing a perfect Satay, just as you would find in Bali, or authentic Tandoori Chicken Wings”. For five years, he practised an innovative blend of ethnic cuisine at Spoon. Wok dishes required precisely cut, carefully seasoned ingredients lightly cooked to perfection. In 2003, he took charge of the three Michelin starred Alain Ducasse Restaurant at the Plaza Athénée as Chef : “This was a great honour, like being made the guardian of a temple, and I had to make sure that I kept the three stars.”

This very enriching experience lead him seven years later to Lasserre, a true Parisian institution with two Michelin stars, to which he brings a refreshing new vibe thanks to his creativity and talent.

Today, Christophe Moret is in charge of the kitchens at Shangri-La Hotel, Paris as Executive Chef. A challenge which he took up with brio thanks to his past experience. “Becoming Executive Chef at Shangri-La Hotel, Paris was the opportunity for me to join the group Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts – first luxury hospitality group of Pacific Asia – and to put my competencies to the service of its Parisian Palace. I am happy to be at the head of the two restaurants – Shang Palace, one Michelin star and La Bauhinia – as well as to be supervising all the culinary offer for the hotel. I would like to make Shangri-La Hotel, Paris shine on the Parisian and international gastronomic scene, while giving our guests a unique experience in our restaurants”.
Shang Palace, the only Cantonese restaurant in France to have been awarded a star, and La Bauhinia serving French cuisine, Chef Moret orchestrates all of the hotel’s culinary offerings, from the menus for the meeting rooms (850 m²) to the room service menu.

Chef Christophe Moret’s career
2010–2014: Lasserre, Paris – Head Chef
2003–2010: Restaurant Alain Ducasse at the Plaza Athénée, Paris – Head Chef
1998–2003: Spoon, Food & Wine, Paris – Head Chef
1997–1998: 59 Poincaré, Paris – Sous Chef
1994–1997: Le Royal Monceau, Paris – Sous Chef
1993: L’Assiette Gourmande, Honfleur – Sous-Chef
1990–1993: Le Louis XV, Monaco – Chef de Partie
1989: Le Théâtre, Nice – Chef de Partie
1989: Château Eza, Èze (Alpes-Maritimes) – Chef de Partie
1988: Le Grand Hôtel, Saint-Jean-de-Luz – Commis Chef
1987–1988: Le Château d’Isenbourg, Rouffach (Haut Rhin) – Commis Chef
1985–1986: Le Rivage, Gien – Commis Chef
1984–1985: L’Hôtel de la Poste, Corps la Salette (Isère) – Commis Chef

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