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Chi, The Spa

The perfect echo to the sacred region found in the deepest reaches of Tibet, Shangri-La, CHI, The Spa fills this Parisian hideaway with its vital energy, far from the commotion and stress of urban life.

Blending various inspirations and practices from the Far East and the West, CHI, The Spa bases its expertise on a comprehensive quest for wellness: physical and mental balance drawing their strength from the same energy, Qi (Chi).

CHI, The Spa is a daily retreat in the heart of the city, and through its range of targeted treatments and qualified professionals, it pursues a new take on beauty and wellness that is both holistic and mental.

The aim? To place the body back in dialogue with the mind
"To find oneself and to feel good in the here and now"

Four treatments for a total reset
Glow from within thanks to our treatment targeting sleep, stress, diet, energy, or emotional balance

CHI, The Spa offers a tailor-made service from your very first consultation, where we identify your specific needs for a personalised and unforgettable experience. As well as being able to work from cross-assessments carried out by our team of therapists, the Spa can, on request, ask an expert from each of the four disciplines to provide an ultra-personalised follow-up report after the session.

The most gentle - Sophrology
The session begins with a conversation on physical and mental states and feelings. It is followed by a complete mindfulness treatment, achieved by plunging you into a waking sleep, with breathing exercises and guided visualizations. Halfway between meditation and hypnosis, sophrology helps to "re-program" your mind and treats various problems such as insomnia, stress, and anxiety.
At the end of each session, you will be given a list of recommended exercises to be done anywhere, at any time of day. Sophrology is also suitable for children over 5 years and pregnant women.

The most holistic - Naturopathy
After an in-depth discussion about lifestyle habits, the session will be focused on finding (or restoring) your own unique vitality balance, which will depend on your personal rhythms, limitations, and preferences.
This wellness treatment targets various issues by establishing new, corrective, and preventative routines that encompass diet, breathing, plant therapy and nutritional supplements. This session is concluded in the same manner, with expert recommendations and a personalised follow-up.

The most energetic - Wellness assessment
This session is directly inspired by traditional Chinese medicine, and is a comprehensive examination structured around three essential elements. The session begins with a postural examination to identify psychological vulnerabilities, followed by massage and focusing treatment.
In Chinese medicine, the objectives and the stimulation of energies vary depending on the season and the session is ended in accordance with this tradition, with behavioral and dietary recommendations.

The most technical - Osteopathy
Our expert osteopath not only treats chronic physical pain but also aims to identify the link between cause and effect for each problem. By the end of this session, you will have learned more about the Self, with a comprehensive psychological assessment and body manipulation.
At the end of each session, guests are provided with a personal programme of postural and sports exercises (to be followed at home or as part of a specific practice).
Osteopathy is also suitable for infants and pregnant women.

Wellness consultation
75 min session, €250

In the aim of making Chi, The Spa part of a wellness ritual, Parisian yoga enthusiasts meet every Thursday at 18:30 for group Aqua-Yoga classes by Les Amazones Parisiennes, both poolside and in the pool (30 min each).

New: our CBD massage
With this rebalancing treatment, CHI, The Spa is now the first Palace hotel in Paris to offer an anti-anxiety massage. A holistic massage technique that once again aims to simultaneously balance the body and the mind. The responsible and made-in-France brand, Fresh Body Green Mind, has developed a CBD-infused sesame oil specially for Shangri-La Paris. This complete, risk-free treatment offers effective 360-degree care.
The aim? To maximise the effect of physical relaxation with a psychic release thanks to the diffusion of the hemp molecule through the skin.

Holistic CBD massage
60 min (€240) / 90 min (€300) session

Facial expertise with the brand Alaena
For the first time, Shangri-La Paris is teaming up with expert cosmeceutical brand Alaena to offer tailor-made treatments, even more adapted to your individual needs.
With this treatment that - through our holistic philosophy - sees beauty as an element of wellness, CHI, The Spa wanted to join forces with a brand that shared the same values, with renowned expertise in facial treatments. Alaena was an obvious choice, with their holistic approach that treats the individual as a whole. We incorporate their treatment methods into a more targeted wellness approach, to achieve a long-lasting anti-ageing effect.

Glow & Bio treatment
Again, we use a holistic approach that combines precise movements, a concentration of 100% organic and responsibly-sourced actives and a ritual aiming to eliminate stress and tension to effectively and durably fight the signs of ageing and fatigue. This triple action guarantees to effectively combat oxidative stress, the main cause of premature skin ageing. This tailor-made treatment, created in partnership with the brand for Shangri-La, consists of five steps.

The first is a personalised and complete skin diagnosis, essential in determining to methods to follow.

The second is the Scarf Ritual, which consists of a series of neck stretches to drain the upper body of all accumulated tension and toxins.
The next step is cleansing, then a peel using a high concentration of "essential" fruit acids to smooth the grain of the skin and restore the glow that is dimmed by fatigue, screens and pollution.
Finally comes the crucial step, an expert massage inspired by Tui Na, a treatment taken from traditional Chinese medicine, the movements of which stimulate natural collagen production.

The aim? A flawless glow

Glow & Bio treatment
60 min (€200) / 90 min (€270).

- 75 min consultation/session : 250 €.
- CBD massage : 60 min (240 €) / 90 min (300 €).
- Glow & Bio treatment : 60 min (200 €) / 90 min (270 €).

Chi, The Spa at Shangri-La Paris
10, avenue d’Iéna – 75116 Paris
Spa opening hours : 9am – 9pm / Treatment hours : 9am – 9pm
The Spa is open to external clients upon reservation.
For more information, please call +33 (0)1 53 67 19 78 or email:


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