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S.T.A.Y. In Exhilarating Autumn Qipao Dream Tea Party

S.T.A.Y. In Exhilarating Autumn Qipao Dream Tea Party

In an autumn afternoon, the golden sunlight showers in through a floor-to-ceiling window, casting mottled shadows of trees onto the floor, turning the fixtures into the canvas of a masterpiece painting. Meanwhile, a lady draped in "qipao", with one hand holding a folding fan and stroking the hair with another, lounging in some enchanting music... Now the painting has turned into a portrait of a graceful lady. With the Mid-Autumn Festival approaching, a qipao themed culture and art tea party will be held on September 14, 2013 in Shangri-La Hotel, Beijing. As essences of Chinese legacies, Qipao and the custom of moon appreciation during Mid-Autumn Festival are preserved until today.This year, Shangri-La Hotel, Beijing is hosting a "S.T.A.Y. In Exhilarating Autumn Qipao Dream Tea Party" with the integration of Chinese culture and custom.Along the Tea Party,the Hotel is also launching a "Qiyue" mooncake gift set,drawing muse from this special theme. During the Tea Party,a series of 50 Qipaos designed by haute couture designer Guo Pei will make their debut, flaunting again their designer's superb bespoke design skill after she last manifested her talent during the Beijing Olympics.The "navy blue", "emerald green" and "jade white" lines of awards ceremony suits totaling 285 sets have won first prize.The official suits which took one year for finalizing the design and 110,000 hours for production, made a total of 774 appearances in the 302 and 472 games in the Olympics and Paralympics respectively.

Qipao (also known as cheongsam) was the rage from the 1920s to the 1930s because it not only brings out the beauty of Oriental ladies, but also signifies the Chinese women’s yearning for freedom and liberation in modern history. Qipao intricately, yet gracefully reveals the slender Oriental female figure. In celebration of the Mid-Autumn Festival, Shangri-La Hotel, Beijing has launched a qipao-themed moon cake gift set, together with more than 20 moon cake designs. This aesthetically designed moon cake gift box, which will be displayed with the artefacts of other artists during the extravaganza, is expected to create great excitement. S.T.A.Y., the most prestigious French restaurant in town, will create an original “sculpture.” Florian “Mr Sweet,” the youngest and most talented pastry chef in town, will present his distinctive work of art – a giant qipao cake. Night guests will have the privilege to see this masterpiece.

On this exhilarating afternoon, the ladies will be dressed in qipao and showcase their femininity by flaunting their graceful figure under the limelight. A panel of judges composed of well-known artists and celebrities will pick some winners for different “qipao lady” titles, including “The Most Charismatic Cheongsam Award” for the most classical charm, “TheMostFashionable CheongsamAward” for the most trendy design, “The Most Innovative CheongsamAward” for the most unique design.

As part of the party, one of the art exhibits will be displayed for another month after that night at the lobby of Shangri-La Hotel, Beijing. It will then be auctioned, and the proceeds will be donated to Beijing Qi-yin Experimental School for children with hearing and speaking disabilities. The auctioned exhibit is an artwork by Jiang Bei, media veteran and founder of Jiang Bei Studio. Named "A Beauty in the Book", this specially created qipao is an unparalleled masterpiece made up of different writing materials with different typefaces on various components of the dress. Using knot-tying on the collar, Oracle on flourish buttons, bamboo sheets as the shoulder plate, rice paper as the main material at the front and the front phoenix pattern composed of manuscripts, silk, coated paper and porcelain books - a blatant manifestation of 5,000 years' rich culture of China. At the back, parchment paper being a documentation of Western culture is used as the main material, with wooden books, stone, porcelain books and coated paper forming a pattern. In sight of this ingenious fusion of ancient and modern Chinese and Western cultures, guests are bound to have their jaws dropped.

During a vibrant autumn afternoon in a flourishing garden, with qipao-donned beauties chorusing the graceful moonlight, guests will enjoy the swell cuisine and wine echoing the full moon and listen to stories about qipao and oriental charm. All these will transpire during the “S.T.A.Y. in Nostalgic Midsummer Qipao Dream” Extravaganza at Shangri‑La Hotel, Beijing, where guests will experience a melting pot of culture, art, fashion and cuisine.

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