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Corporate Social Responsibility

Shangri-La Hotel, Beijing Held Themed Embrace Activities with China-Dolls Center For Rare Disorders

Shangri-La Hotel, Beijing

Shangri-La Hotel, Beijing, together with China-Dolls Center for Rare Disorders, held two sessions of rehabilitation training activities for two groups of different-aged China-dolls, bringing warmth to the unfortunate children in the chilly weather on 24 and 28 October 2017.

To welcome the China-dolls, the hotel made a lot of preparations, including ensuring barrier-free facilities. The first stop of a day’s activity was in the Health Club swimming pool because the buoyancy in water would greatly improve the children’s physical co-ordination and correct their gaits. The training was fully supervised by a rehabilitation specialist, who discussed the rehabilitation concept and specific training methods with the children and their parents to enable the parents to help their children perform the exercises in the future.

The hotel also prepared a nutritious lunch for the children after the morning training. In the afternoon, the China-dolls became “little fish” again and had a happy swimming time in the water. After the second training session, the China-dolls happily joined the sushi-making class by the hotel’s Japanese chef from Nishimura Japanese restaurant. The patient teacher and earnest students made the fruitful class a success.

Moreover, the hotel announced its long-time co-operation with China-Dolls Center, as part of hotel’s corporate social responsibility program, with the aim to raise funds to provide the children with medical rehabilitation, individual support and more during the Christmas lighting ceremony on 2 December 2017. Through this partnership, the hotel will join hands with the centre to help the less-fortunate children through various activities in the future.

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