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Bloom of Beaming Faces Fulfulling of Kid's Dreams on Children’S Day

Bloom of Beaming Faces Fulfulling of Kid's Dreams on Children’S Day

The International Children's Day on June 1 is festive day dedicated to children.  To celebrate this wonderful holiday, Shangri-La Hotel, Beijing has arranged a series of exhilarating activities for kids.

Children's smiling faces are the most beautiful moment in life. Bringing these moment together will form the world's most touching picture.   This early summer, Shangri-La Hotel, Beijing is holding a "Bloom of Beaming Faces" campaign, through which photos capturing children's smiling faces around the world will be collected and displayed to celebrate the Children's Day on June 1. This collage of children's beaming faces is set to become the best gift for kids.  In addition, to enable more children to enjoy the festivities, the Hotel has also organized a "Dreams Come True" activity in which children's dreams deep down in their hearts will not only be revealed but also get a chance to be fulfilled.  More excitingly, the date also marks the anniversary of the Hotel's Xiang Junior, a children's fun club.  Come with your little partner to join our auspicious baby bear Tong Tong birthday party which will feature an exceptional artistic adventure for kids - the Pandora's Box party.  An artful space will be constructed using paper boxes.  Through an interactive experience of their senses, children will be able to learn art concepts while having fun.  The whole journey, directed by children themselves, will enable them to unravel the charm of box art and thus create an unforgettable experience for them. 

The photos collected will be put together to form a giant mosaic picture for display in the Hotel lobby as well as being uploaded to the Hotel's and Group's official Weibo and some press sites in celebration of the Children's Day.  Participants submitting photos of the innocent smiling faces of children aged 0-16 (unlimited entries) will get a chance to win a two-night stay in a Presidential Suite in any of the Shangri-La Group's hotels.  Putting children's smiling faces together will form a touching picture that can warm up the whole world by passing love, joy, and happiness around.

In the "Dreams come true" activity, the aspirations and desires of all the Grade 9 students who are going to take the entrance exam in June from Dandelion School, a school for migrant workers' children, will be published on the Hotel's official Weibo as a match-making channel to seek philanthropists to realize their dreams.   The recipients in this activity are children from impoverished migrant worker families.

Despite their poverty, these kids also have hunger for knowledge and visions of life. They study hard, being zealous about life and show a positive attitude.   Although they cannot enjoy the level of material life as some better-off children, they are optimistic  towards life.   These wishes may seem mundane and ordinary, perhaps just a pink doll, an electronic dictionary, or a masterpiece novel...  After all every single one is a child's childhood dream behind which are their visions and hope for the future.  Fulfilling their wishes does not only strengthen their confidence on exam and imply their dreams realized, but also passing sunshine and love into their lives.

Philanthropists in this activity will be invited to personally attend the "Dreams- Fulfilled Children's Day" on June 1 and witness for themselves the joy of the kids receiving their gifts.  The hotel will send dream gifts to students represented by the philanthropists who are not onsite.  Those attending the function will also be able to watch a five-minute micro-film footage of the daily learning activities and living environments of the students in Dandelion School teemed with their optimistic  attitude.

Through the love and care approach in the "Dreams-Fulfilled Children's Day",  many little souls will be warmed up and their desires fulfilled.  May every child make the greatest performance on his own  stage of life. 

To learn more about the details of the events, please visit Shangri-La Hotel, Beijing's official Weibo@北京香格里拉饭店. 

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