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“Winter Wonderland in The Park” Returns to Shangri-la Hotel, Guangzhou

“Winter Wonderland in The Park” Returns to Shangri-la Hotel, Guangzhou

Guangzhou, 25 October 2016 – The “Winter Wonderland in the Park” returns to Shangri-La Hotel, Guangzhou from 25 November 2016 to 12 February 2017. 

This year, “Winter Wonderland in the Park” adopts the concept of a fun fair.  The hotel proudly presents 19 activities in the garden and one online game that makes family-bonding more fun during this winter season. 

The opening of the “Winter Wonderland in the Park” coincided with our Christmas tree lighting ceremony on 25 November 2016.  On that evening, many guests experienced the melodic voices from British School of Guangzhou and the stunning light up of the Park itself.  

To carry on the legacy of last year’s “Winter Wonderland in the Park”, some popular activities have been retained, such as the bouncy castle, bouncy slide, virtual reality and Zorb balls.  Moreover, there are a variety of new activities that encourage parents to participate with their kids. 

“Where is Mr Polar Bear”
“Where is Mr Polar Bear” is a mini online game that integrates AR technology with the surroundings of Winter Wonderland in the Park. Parents are invited to team up with the kids to collect hints dropped by Mr Polar Bear at a specific location, solve the puzzle and eventually leads to Mr Polar Bear. Limited edition prize awaits family players who achieve the goal.

Olympic Fantasy
Figure skating was the first winter sports introduced in the Olympics, with its debut dating back to the 1908 Summer Games. This means that one has reasons to believe that ice skating has been popular worldwide for more than a century.  Thanks to advanced technology, the hotel is able to present a synthetic ice skating rink under the mild winter climate in Guangzhou. The hotel offers ice skating boots sized from kids to adults. Skating in the garden is part of the magical moment kids experience and share along with their parents.

Trampoline is a sport that was only introduced to the Olympics in 2000.  The fun in trampolines lies in the momentary breakthrough of gravity.  The joy of going up in the air, accessing a higher and wider vision, is just amazing. Covering an area of 5 meters in diameter, the trampoline is spacious enough for a whole family to bounce together.  

An alternative option for smaller ladies and gentlemen is the kids’ vertical bungee.  With safety belts, younger kids can easily feel being the next “Olympian”. 

Family Bonding
Family bonding time with the Pedalo and Penalty Shot are great choices.  For water game fans, the good news is that the outdoor swimming pool, which stretches to an area of 1,000 square metres, will stay open during the winter.  Instead of offering winter swimming, the hotel provides pedalling boats.  The hotel’s recreation team has designed mini games on the water for both parents and children to enjoy some good time together.

The Penalty Shot board consists of 12 holes. The basic principle for this game is that one scores by kicking the ball through any one of the holes.  A more advanced variation is to designate each hole with a specific score.  Those who score more than others at a particular length of time, say, one minute, win the game.  Parents and children can really learn from each other through their physical coordination in this game. 

Go-Kart Racing
The Go-Kart racing is situated in the oval arena at the west end of the hotel. It is a great venue for a mini cycling race. The sleek kart design invites energetic kids on some exercise.

Winter Wonderland in the Park is priced at RMB50 including 2 game tokens Admission tickets are available at the hotel’s outdoor garden. 

Winter Wonderland in the Park operation hours:
 17:00-19:00
Monday to Friday, will be closed during 26 December, 2016 to 13 January, 2017 and 6 to 10 February, 2017.

 11:00-19:00
Saturday & Sunday, Christmas & New Year season
*Chinese New Year season is from 27 January to 5 February, 2017.

The Winter Wonderland Room Package starts from RMB1,180 per room, per night from 25 November 2016 to 12 February 2017.  The offer includes:
• One-night stay in a Deluxe Room.
• Daily dining credit worth of RMB 400 to be used for all hotel’s restaurants per night
• 3 Admission tickets to “Winter Wonderland in the Park” worth of RMB 50 each (inclusive of 2 activity tokens on each admission ticket)
• One extra bed for kids under 12 years old (subject to availability). 
• High-speed Internet access

Rates are subject to 10 per cent service charge and value-added tax.  Please call (86 20) 8917 8088 or send an email to for more details or for reservations.


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