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Shangri-La Hotel, Guangzhou Presents Prosperous Treats for The Chinese New Year of The Monkey

Shangri-La Hotel, Guangzhou Presents Prosperous Treats for The Chinese New Year of The Monkey

Guangzhou, 6 January 2016 – To celebrate the arrival of the Spring Festival, Shangri-La Hotel, Guangzhou presents prosperous treats for guests to embrace the coming Chinese New Year of the Monkey.  The prosperous treats are composed of Poon Choi with premium food selections, Nian Gao (Rice Cake) made with creative and healthy ingredients, a Festive Rice Cake Gift Box and a Customised Festive Hamper.

Poon Choi is one of the traditional dishes of the Chinese New Year in the Canton area.  It implies the goodwill of family reunion and wealth in the new year.  Its preparation is not as simple as it looks.  This year, the hotel presents two signature Poon Choi selections for guests. 

The Reunion Poon Choi, priced at RMB1,388, includes premium seafood, such as dried abalone, sea cucumber and fish maw.  The secret abalone sauce is the key element to enjoying the mouth-watering Poon Choi.  The other selection, Fortune Poon Choi, is priced at RMB1,088.  These two kinds of Poon Choi use classic ingredients, giving guests an authentic taste of this typical Cantonese dish. 

Rice Cake is another symbolic Chinese New Year festive goodie in the Canton area.  It symbolises progress in the Chinese New Year.  The Spring Festival Rice Cake includes Coconut Rice Cake and Osmanthus Rice Cake moulded into a fish shape.  It has a yummy taste and represents lots of luck and lots of mammon every year. 

Moreover, the Home-Made White Turnip Cake and Taro Cake are made without any preservative, making them the healthiest food choice for all guests.  The two gift boxes, Prosperity and Premium Rice Cake Gift Boxes, include different kinds of rice cakes and other New Year goodies, and make good gift choices for friends and relatives.  The Rice Cake is priced from RMB138 per box and the two kinds of Festive Rice Cake Gift Boxes are priced at RMB588 and RMB268 per box. 

The Customised Festive Hamper is another gift choice for family and friends this Chinese New Year.  Guests can choose their preferred premium hamper with their preferred festive food selections, special hotel restaurant vouchers and other interesting festive goodies.  Shangri-La Hotel, Guangzhou also accepts personalised wishes of goodwill this year. 

Guests are welcome to visit the Festive Goodies Boutique in the hotel lobby to order their preferred prosperous treats for the Chinese New Year of the Monkey starting today.  Meanwhile, enquiries and orders may be made through the hotline (86 20) 8917 6813.  Guests who purchase over 200 boxes of festive goodies are entitled to a delivery in Guangzhou. 

Aside from the exclusive festival goodies, having the Reunion Dinner with family at Shangri-La Hotel, Guangzhou will be a good choice.  Guests may enjoy the Chinese New Year specialties and also have a chance to win a lucky prize.  The Reunion Dinner starts from RMB3,988 net per table (10 persons per table) in the Guangzhou Ballroom.  Summer Palace Chinese Restaurant also offers a New Year’s Eve Reunion Dinner from RMB5,888 per table (10 persons per table and subject to a 15 per cent service charge). 

Summer Palace offers another Reunion Set Dinner (for a minimum of six persons) starting at RMB488 until February 29, 2016, except on New Year’s Eve.  The menu features Baked Lobster with Cheese, Roasted Suckling Pig and premium soup selections.  The restaurant also introduces the Guangxi Bama pig for this year’s Roasted Suckling Pig.  The pork, weighing around 1.5 to 2 kilograms, has succulent meat and a nice texture of fats.  With a secret marinade and skilful roasting, the Roasted Suckling Pig is ready to start off the reunion dinner. 

On Chinese New Year’s Eve, guests who spend RMB6,000 or RMB12,000 in the luxurious private dining rooms at Summer Palace will enjoy a night’s stay in a Premier River View Room or a Horizon Deluxe River View Room.  Please call the hotline (86 20) 8917 6428 or send an email to for enquiries and reservations. 


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