A hidden paradise in the city of Shangri-La
The public areas and gardens which envelop Shangri-La Resort, Shangri-La evoke a rich and graceful world, filled with alluring Tibetan artefacts and quiet elegance. The same immersive experience can be savoured in the 228 rooms and suites, coupled with exacting luxury comforts and meticulous Shangri-La hospitality. From each room, spectacular scenery opens up with panoramic views of the stunning mountainous region. A true haven for carefree unwinding, Shangri-La Resort, Shangri-La presents all the ingredients to slow down, switch off and indulge in style, Comprehensive fitness facilities, a swimming pool and hot whirlpool bath, blissful spa pampering and more are offered, as well as cultural immersion with Shangri-La Resort-led local experiences. Discover a hidden paradise less travelled and broaden your horizons with a majestic stay in Shangri-La.
228 rooms
Spectacular mountain scenery
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