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Yangon, Myanmar, 21 June 2018 – Sule Shangri-La, Yangon will be home to Kung Fu tea master and face-changing artist Fu Hao Qin, the resident tea master of sister property Shangri-La Hotel Qaryet Al Beri, Abu Dhabi, from 21 June to 1 July 2018.

Fu Hao Qin will regale guests with his quick and precise movements, filling teacups from his sword-length copper kettle at Summer Palace for both lunch and dinner. This ancient practice of preparing and presenting tea is known as gongfu cha or “kung fu tea”, a thousand-year-old Chinese art. Fu Hao Qin is from the province of Sichuan, said to be birthplace of gongfu cha.

This visual feast is a spectacle and gives a truly unique insight into Chinese culture. It began as a way to pour hot water in crowded tea houses, using a teapot with an extremely long spout. It was only during the Tang (618–907 AD) and Song (960–1279 AD) dynasties that Kung Fu tea shows became a fashionable leisure activity, a tradition that continues to this day, but is rarely experienced outside of China.

“While adorned in a vibrant-coloured traditional costume presenting the time-honoured unique ritual, I demonstrate skills that test the strength of both the body and the mind. Due to the powerful quick movements and 1.2-metre tea spout, sufficient space is required to showcase ancient Chinese warrior fighting skills and test the ability to pour a cup of warm tea, which allows for optimum flavour without sparing a drop outside of the teacup,” said Fu Hao Qin.

Fu Hao Qin is also a master of the art of bian lian, or “face swapping”, a dance that involves switching traditional masks at lightning-quick speed. In this ancient dramatic Chinese art, performers in ornate masks and costumes conduct choreographed moves and dances, all while swapping the colour and style of the mask they are wearing at what appears to be a fraction of a second.

Summer Palace guests will be thrilled with these performances while enjoying the special menu created by Chef Pang. Menu highlights include: Chrysanthemum Seafood Soup, Soft-Shell Crab and Tofu with Chrysanthemum Tea, Wok-Fried Beef with Chrysanthemum and Crataegus Honey Sauce, Bamboo Clam with Rose Tea and Wok-Fried Prawn with Long Ching Tea, among others.

Summer Palace guests may enjoy both performances (kung fu tea and face swapping) during lunch and dinner from 21 June to 1 July 2018.

Guests may also catch his other performances throughout the week:

    Sule Square Mall Atrium 23 June 2018 11:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.
    Café Sule Sunday Brunch 24 June and 1 July 2018 1–2 p.m.
    Summer Palace Yum Cha 24 June and 1 July 2018 10:30–11:30 a.m.
    Peacock Lounge High Tea 30 June 2018 4–5 p.m.

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