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Shangri-La's Villingili Resort and Spa, Maldives voted Best Beach Hotel by Conde Nast Travellers UK

Conde Nast Traveller United Kingdom ratings, based on readers’ surveys and journalists’ reviews and coming out every winter, has become a popular feature and powerful encomium in the travel industry.

Serving as the guiding principle of the British glossy, the slogan “Truth in Travel” certified the authenticity of the recognition of Shangri-La’s Villingili Resort and Spa, Maldives as Best Beach Hotel 2013 in the Gold Standards list issued February 2013. 

Not only has Shangri-la’s Villingili Resort and Spa been voted best beach hotel, it has also become a landmark for celebrities looking for privacy and a peaceful atmosphere.  The April issue of Conde Nast Traveller UK features Gemma Arterton’s impression of her stay in the resort. 

“I swam with the dolphins here, dived, went on boat trips and spent hours in the water – the corals’ incredible, I stayed in a wooden house over the sea. It all felt really relaxed: somewhere you could chill out, and do yoga, read, cycle around the island – and, of course eat delicious fresh fish,” Arterton said.

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