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Shangri-La Residences North Tower also offers Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts’ Yavis Apartments for sale.

  • In co-operation with the master team to build a high-end boutique lifestyle, Yavis is a result of the Shangri-La group’s more-than-40-years of space construction experience. The group collaborated with “globally recognized 5-star hotel design leaders”, Japan's Kanko Kikaku Sekkeisha and Hong Kong's Hospitality & Leisure Asia (a high-end property and hotel hardcover design consultant) to create the concept of a world-leading space and a world-class elegant dwelling place.
  • Abiding to world-class building standards, with royal extravagance in architectural design, Yavis uses glass-curtain walls to allow homeowners to maximum view of Dalian's harbour sea-front. It employs a modern minimalist-style facade and stone-and-glass intersections echo the design practices, so that natural scenery and modern architecture coordinate to reveal impressive architectural expression.
  • High-end hardcover standards ensure the quality throughout each Yavis hardcover apartment, utilizing an international fine-decoration design concept. The world’s first-line brands were selected to create an energy-saving environmental style. The kitchen’s hardcover standards follow the wash-cut-fried kitchen line, incorporating ergonomic design concepts, especially with the selection of kitchen brand appliances available, allowing you to enjoy a convenient lifestyle experience.
  • Following contemporary apartment design standards, Yavis anticipates the needs of future residents, offering different apartment layouts with low-key luxury interior space. Whether a flat or jump-layer, an elegant three-bedroom space or a spacious living room and a luxurious or warm-and-comfortable bedroom, every detail incorporates the careful and thoughtful considerations of its owner. Customized planning of storage space with improved space utilization redefine living storage aesthetics.
  • Each of the 142 Yavis hardcover apartment presents 78-177 ㎡ of elegant sophistication - limited edition private residences, offered exclusively by Shangri-La and reserved for the world's elite.
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