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Unique Destination Events

Throw a party with a purpose

Our professionally organized, pre-arranged theme parties are an effortless way to create an event none of your guests will forget. You may customize the menu to suit your guests' needs and preferences.

Please contact our Events Specialists at (86 411) 8252 5000 for more details.

The Emperor's Banquet

Treat your guests to an evening in an imperial palace with a theme based on the celebrations and rituals of the classical dynasties of China. Guests kick off the evening with drinks in a folk bazaar showcasing traditional Chinese crafts, such as calligraphy and dough sculpting. Guests will be escorted to their places by waiters dressed in picturesque Qing Dynasty costumes. Each will be presented with an individual menu in the form of a Chinese scroll, which guests may keep as a souvenir of the occasion. After-dinner entertainment includes the dramatic entry of an Emperor and his entourage, dressed in colourful traditional costumes. To complete the theme, all guests are regaled by the spectacular sight of Chinese acrobatics and traditional dance performances.