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For Kids

A fun-filled vacation

for the young ones

The Cool Zone is the place to find toys, educational activities and lots of fun land- and beach-based activities for a fun-filled holiday for children.

We welcome our younger guests aged between four and 12 years old from 10am until 7pm, for plenty of fun and games.

Tropical Safari on Villingili Island

Young guests can discover the island’s nature and biodiversity with the Island Safari Handbook, which comes complete with a safari map to guide them to the right spots and help them identify the Big 5 and Small 5 inhabitants on land and underwater.

Have a look at the Island Safari Handbook here.

Further Kids’ Activities

Young Pirates of Villingili

Join us in exploring the islands for hidden treasures, with your own cutlass, wearing your own crossbones shirt, to match your crossbones face paint. Learn our pirate vocabulary, words of fun and adventure. Embark on a voyage with the young pirates of Villingili.

Jungle Discovery

Discover the wonderful jungle of Villingili and meet with the amazing creatures living there, such as the flying fox and geckos. Explore the different facets of nature and embark on a journey of discovery.

Crab Hunting & Racing

Try to catch Hermit crabs or Ghost crabs and join the fun. Be the cheerleader of your very own crab and be part of the new racing game.

Underwater Adventure

Learn about the beauty of the sea and meet your underwater friends. Learn funny and amazing information about green turtles, black tip sharks, starfish, dolphin, corals, parrotfish and a whole lot more.

Nature Arts & Crafts

Learn how to craft a shell necklace and sand castle frame using real leaves & coconuts. Explore nature and express yourself through its creations.

Island Fitness

Get fit and play at the same time with swimming, tennis, running, yoga and other exciting activities.

Young Adventurers Mailing List

Keep in touch with us! Find out new, exciting activities and the cool stuff we have in store for you. Become an adventurer now!


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Villingili Island, Addu Atoll, Republic of Maldives