Fam.ily is always there for you; from creating opportunities for intergenerational bonding to curating memorable experiences for the whole family, you can always count on us, the Shangri-La Fam.ily, to support you and your families.

Why Fam.ily?

Family has always been at the heart of the Shangri-La brand, treating our guests like family remains a hallmark of the Shangri-La identity.

Today, as more multigenerational families are travelling together, a family-centric experience is needed more than ever. The COVID-19 pandemic has also raised the importance of family time and maintaining family ties while increasing consumers’ expectations of service providers.

Our Asian heritage places us in a unique position to understand and meet the special needs and expectations of multigenerational families. With Fam.ily, we hope to serve them better by providing opportunities to create memorable experiences as they explore, bond, and grow as a family. Beyond hospitality, Fam.ily also works with experts to support our customers on their parenting journeys.

What is Fam.ily?

‘Fam.ily is Shangri-La’s family experience brand dedicated to creating heartfelt and unforgettable experiences for multi-generational families and supporting our customers and their parenting journeys. The brand houses a variety of new and existing programmes specially-curated to excite and inspire our customers and their families.

Fam.ily celebrates the unconditional love and support of a family, the deep affection, respect and loyalty among its members, and the strong ties that bind us. Fam.ily—which combines the shortened word for ‘family’ and the abbreviation for ‘I Love You’—symbolises our commitment to serve our customers and their multigenerational families better, and to go beyond service by inviting our guests to be part of an integrated family-centric experience. This vision is communicated and brought to life through five pillars: Branding and Communications, Design and Environment, Product and Programming, Service and Culture, and our Intellectual Property.

With Fam.ily, our guests can truly relax and enjoy specially-curated programmes and experiences so that every member of the family—from toddlers to grandparents—can realise their individual Shangri-La.

Our Credo

From Our Fam.ily to Yours

Shangri-La is one big family. We are proud of our strong family culture and the deep ties that bind us together, and we want to share these values with you through a family-centric experience.

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Our Role

At Shangri-La, we understand that the parenting journey can be challenging, so we want to support you every step of the way. Fam.ily brings the best family experiences and also goes beyond hospitality to offer additional support to you. From building strong communities to engaging thought leaders and experts to share their knowledge, we go beyond the call of duty to help you realise your Shangri-La.

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Our Philosophy

At the heart of the Fam.ily experience, three guiding philosophies define how we serve our customers and offer support that goes above and beyond your expectations. We treat multi-generations of guests like our own family. We believe in learning through play. And we are proud of our Asian heritage and values.

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