Our Credo

From Our Fam.ily to Yours

Shangri-La is one big family. We are proud of our strong family culture and the deep ties that bind us together, and we want to share these values with you through a family-centric experience.

At Shangri-La, we understand families. We know that every family has their own unique needs and we are ready to go the extra mile to serve you. Just like how our families offer unconditional love and care through every stage of our lives, our Shangri-La family extends the same thoughtfulness, care and support to every guest who walks through our doors.

We design and curate unforgettable experiences that bring multigenerational families closer together; our programmes enable families to play, bond, and grow together while creating precious life-long memories. Our extensive experience in serving families has also provided us with unique insights that we are always happy to share, to support you on your parenting journeys.

This is the Fam.ily experience, from our Fam.ily to yours.

Our Role

At Shangri-La, we understand that the parenting journey can be challenging, so we want to support you every step of the way.

Fam.ily brings the best family experiences and also goes beyond hospitality to offer additional support to you. From building strong communities to engaging thought leaders and experts to share their knowledge, we go beyond the call of duty to help you realise your Shangri-La.

Community Builder

With Fam.ily, you are part of a strong supportive community with a wealth of information at your fingertips. From informative online chat groups to fun family events, Shangri-La facilitates learning and communication by providing a platform for you to connect with others and exchange personal experiences.

“We Time” Curators

Our programmes are specially-designed and curated to cater to a wide range of needs—from curious toddlers to adventurous grandparents—so that you can build fond, lasting memories with their loved ones.

“Me Time” Enablers

With families, we know that ‘me time’ can be hard to come by. At Shangri-La, you can trust that your families are always in good hands so that you can enjoy a peaceful, relaxing and worry-free time alone—or even a much overdue date!

Thought Leader

We understand that parenting can be a daunting journey sometimes. This is why we engage thought leaders and experts on parenting and child’s health to share their knowledge with our Fam.ily community, so that we may support, lead, inspire and accompany you along your parenting journeys.

We treat multi-generations of guests like our own family

Shangri-La is known for our heartfelt hospitality and our willingness to go the extra mile to support our customers. We work hard to understand your needs and every member in your family and curate special experiences that bring multigenerational families closer together. This family-centric philosophy is deeply-ingrained in our Asian heritage and we are proud to make it a cornerstone of our Fam.ily experience.

We believe in learning through play

Playtime is for everyone; from tiny toddlers to seasoned retirees, we believe that playtime offers valuable learning experiences for everyone. Fam.ily programmes and activities are designed to engage the whole family, so that everyone can explore, discover and learn through play.

We are proud of our Asian heritage and values

Our cultural roots, service philosophy and Asian heritage have influenced every aspect of our brand – from the way we treat each other to the way we design our properties and experiences. We believe we are in business of making memories and our role as a brand is to create experience that are truly heartfelt; from the smallest touches to the grandest occasion. For 50 years, we are proud to serve as ambassadors of Asian hospitality and share it with the world as we continue to offer thoughtful, dedicated and sincere care to every guest who walks through our doors.