The Horizon Club Artist Series


“I have interpreted the beautiful view by using elements that represent Chao-Phraya River as my foundation. The arch (curve) of the circle caused by the grid infrastructure conveys the forms of water. I’ve used grid shapes in every aspect of this work, creating the complexity of the city, as well as controlled direction, calm and serenity.  

The iconic feature of Bangkok is the temples. I have taken a small part of the murals inside the temples, and built intricate textures, complex and abstract forms creating a contemporary and fresh aerial view of Bangkok as seen from the Horizon Club. ” Lee Kanin 

Lee Kanin was born in 1981, in Bangkok.

He attended one of Thailand’s creative institutions, the Rangsit University, where he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree. After graduating, he worked with the acclaimed creative collective, Youworkforthem, where he created art and illustrations for brands across South East Asia, one of his highlights included working on the visuals for U2’s iconic 360 tour.

As a creative, he has undertaken projects in graphic design, Illustration, motion graphics, visual jockeying and experimental art.

He has featured in many and varied creative shows around the world, including: The Thai Short Film Festival, the International Animation Festival in Slovakia, the Underline Project in Malaysia and Pattern Not Routine in Bangkok to name just a few.