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Fast Facts

Recreational Activities

Fitness Centre
6am - 10pm


Main Pool
939 sqm by 1.2 m / 4 ft deep

Lap Pool
126 sqm by 1.2 m - 2.2 m / 4 ft - 7.2 ft deep

Kids Pool
15 sqm by 0.5 m / 1.6 ft deep

Nearby 18-Hole Golf Course at Fairways and Blue Waters

Two outdoor courts

Yoga pavilion located inside CHI, The Spa

Other Recreational Facilities


Adventure Zone
8am - 7pm

Entertainment Centre
8am - 11pm

Eco Centre
10am - 6pm

CHI, The Spa

Spa Manager
Mary Jane Agustin

Number of Treatment Rooms
5 Single Rooms
4 Double Rooms
1 Grand Villa

Opening Hours
10am - 11pm

Signature Treatments
  • Boracay Sand and Sea
  • Hot Dinu-ot Muscle Relief

Kids Programmes

Opening Hours
8am - 7pm (Adventure Zone)