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Walk, cycle or take a rickshaw down the small quiet lanes within the old town. You will be able to see the remnants of the old city wall. Whether you bargain your way to the best finds in the famous Night Bazaar or hop on an elephant’s back, Chiang Mai will entice you every time.


Chiang Mai Zoo and Night Safari

Chiang Mai Zoo is the first and only zoo in Northern Thailand where visitors can encounter animals in their natural habitat.

The Night Safari is located at Doi Suthep – Pui National Park. The area covers 324 acres consisting of mixed deciduous and dry dipterocarp forest.

Elephant Camps

Tamed elephants have served Thai people for centuries whether in the battle, in ceremonial parades or transport. Nowadays it is difficult for elephants to survive in the wild. Hence, elephant camps were launched to protect, breed and nurture these animals.

Chiang Mai is famous for housing many elephant camps. This includes Mae Sa Elephant Camp, Mae Wang River Elephant Camp, Mae Taman Elephant Camp as well as Chiang Dao Elephant Camp.

Wat Chedi Luang

Wat Chedi Luang, is an ancient temple that is famous for housing the precious object of Thailand, the Emerald Buddha.

Wat Chiang Man

Wat Chiang Man is a temple that is located at Chang Puak Gate. It was built by the very founder of Chiang Mai – King Mengrai – about seven centuries ago.

Wat Phra That Doi Suthep

Wat Phra That Doi Suthep is a sacred temple in Thailand. It is located 15 kilometres off Chiang Mai.

This 14th century temple is perched on Suthep Mountain (Doi Suthep). The temple offers a breathtaking panorama of the city. Its soaring stairway is flanked by two exquisite handrails portraying multi-headed mythical crocodiles.

Wat Umong

Wat Umong was built in the 14th century, at the foothill of Suthep Mountain. It has a unique criss-crossed maze of tunnels.

Quick Facts
Quick Facts

Chiang Mai is located at an altitude of approximately 310 metres above sea level.

The city sits on the Mae Ping River basin approximately 700 kilometres from Bangkok, Thailand. Surrounded by high mountain ranges, the terrain is mainly comprised of jungles and mountains. These are home to many fascinating hill tribes.

Arts & Culture
Arts & Culture

Chiang Mai National Museum

Chiang Mai National Museum is the main regional museum of the north.

Chiang Mai City Museum showcases Chiang Mai‘s historical background and cultural heritage. It has a centre for studying the history, art and culture of Chiang Mai


Chiang Mai's city centre is easy to navigate. Rental car, vans and motorbikes are widely available. You may travel around Chiang Mai via taxi, train, Song Taew, tuk-tuks, rickshaws and car.


Baan Tawai

At Baan Tawai, 20 kilometres off Chiang Mai, visitors can watch antique reproduction first hand. Fine wood carvings and furniture can be bought on site.

Central Airport Plaza

Central Airport Plaza near Chiang Mai Airport houses a refreshing Central Aquarium. The mall also has classy department stores and boutiques as well as the multi-screen cinema, Major Cineplex.

Ratchadamnoen Road

At Ratchadamnoen Road (Sunday Walking Street), some vendors appear in glamorous costumes adorned with their specialised ornaments. Thai creativity is richly embedded into their handmade goods which include silver items, Thai silk, painted mirrors and candle holders.

Pancakes and meatballs are among a variety of delectable treats cooked on site. These delicious delicacies envelope the atmosphere with their irresistible aromas.

Warorot Market

For a genuine Thai experience, visitors can drop by the Warorot Market, to the north of the Night Bazaar. There you will find Ton Lamyai (Flower Market) as well as Wet Market selling fresh fruits, vegetables and meat.


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