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Shangri-La’s Far Eastern Plaza Hotel, Tainan Renovates Mezzanine Bar Into THE MEZZ: The Urban Yuppie’s New Hangout

Shangri-La’s Far Eastern Plaza Hotel, Tainan Renovates Mezzanine Bar Into THE MEZZ: The Urban Yuppie’s New Hangout

Located on the second floor of Shangri-La’s Far Eastern Plaza Hotel, Tainan, THE MEZZ Lobster Bar and Grill boasts high ceilings, expansive floor-to-ceiling windows and serves up Australian-style stone-grill cuisine amid a casual, trendy and modern ambiance.
Savor Australian Wagyu Beef and Boston Lobster, paired with premium whiskey or refreshing local draft beer.  The experience is like being in an exotic resort and indulging in the meat and alcohol at your leisure.  THE MEZZ officially opened on May 13th, prepared to expand its adventurous palate with innovative flavors.
With dozens of years of star-level hotel and independent restaurant experience, Chef James combines Eastern and Western culinary techniques and uses copious amounts of quality local and seasonal ingredients.  He cooks with the low-heat sous vide method and the enticing grill with fire.
Chef Tseng creates a new chapter for The MEZZ, which uses imported Australian Wagyu beef from Queensland Ranch.  The cows are bred from Japanese Wagyu cows and Black Angus cows.  The meat is known for its exquisite and tender marbling, while its fat tastes more delicate and smooth and has high nutritional value.
Guests can enjoy gourmet food while considering their health.  The head chef offers three cuts: fresh, tender and rich ribeye (10oz), chewy striploin (10oz) and sweet, tender and juicy tenderloin (10oz).
First, the meat is marinated with rosemary, thyme and other herbs, along with olive oil, sea salt and peppercorn, in a vacuum-sealed pack for at least a day to allow the herbs to fully do their magic.  Water content and nutritional loss are minimized through this method.  The meat is then tenderized using the sous vide method, which seals in the juice while bringing out an enchanting aroma.  Right before serving, it is grilled on a lava stone at a temperature that exceeds 400 °C under large fire.  This brings out the meat’s aroma while preserving the juice by sealing the surface – gourmets love the meat’s aroma and tender texture.
Guests can also enjoy the super-value Surf and Turf Combo for Two with the Wagyu Beef Main Course Set and Whole Boston Lobster.  Imported, live Boston lobster (700g) with a large pair of claws, white, tender meat that are fresh and juicy is selected.  The head chef cuts the fresh lobster in half, and then rubs it with herbs, garlic, pepper, sea salt, thyme, rosemary and other spices to bring out the fresh flavors.  Finally, it is placed on the lava stone to be grilled under a large fire to seal the fresh and sweet flavors.  Butter is also brushed onto the lobster to add to its aroma, offering a highly satisfying experience.
Guests who do not eat beef may opt for the fresh-market fish directly delivered from local fishing boats.  The different fresh fish delivered daily allows the head chef to express his culinary creativity, impressing gourmets who enjoy variety.  Moreover, England’s Berkshire pig, which is from the same breed as Japan’s exquisite Kagoshima black pig, maintains high moisture and elasticity, is easy to chew and has a sweet, tender and slightly crunchy and juicy taste.
The head chef cooks Berkshire pork cutlets over low heat, and then grills it over a large fire.  The result is a cutlet that is crispy on the outside and tender on the inside.
THE MEZZ recommends Prime NZ lamb cutlets to health-conscious guests.  The meat is tender, juicy and not gamey while being low in fat and high in nutrition.  It is marinated with Italian herbs and olive oil and sealed in a vacuum.  Using the low-heat sous vide method, the meat is tenderized while sealing in its juices.  Just before serving it, the cutlet is placed on the lava stone and grilled over a large fire.  The meat’s surface is covered with truffle mustard sauce and breadcrumbs seasoned with herbs to add an extra aroma and texture.
The newly opened THE MEZZ serves up a la carte main courses starting at NT$980, which includes handmade bread served with Isigny butter from France, independent farmers’ Organic Fruit and Vegetable Salad and a choice of one side dish (Baked Potato with Potato Skin, Fries, Potato au Gratin or Waffle Fries) and a serving of the chef’s gravy.
The upgraded set menu includes an exquisite appetizer, the chef’s creamy soup and an extravagant dessert, at prices starting at NT$1,288 per set.  From Thursday to Sunday, live music performance enhances the weekend ambiance.

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