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Shangri-La Hotel, Suzhou Holds 2015 Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony And Hearing the World Charity Campaign

Suzhou, China, 4 December 2015 – Shangri-La Hotel, Suzhou held its 2015 Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony and ‘Hearing the World’ charity auction on 4 December 2015.  Thus far, the hotel has raised a total of RMB150,000 to help Li Wenyang and Chu Shanwei, two child recipients of the ‘Hearing the World’ charity programme. 

Initiated in November 2014, ‘Hearing the World’ aims to raise funds for children suffering from hearing loss and provide them with cochlear implants to help them regain their hearing ability.  The campaign earned great support from the public and helped a little girl named Chen Siyi, who is now attending conventional elementary school in her hometown. 

This year, the charity programme has received donation from corporations, individuals and WeChat donation. 

On the evening of the Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony, the hotel auctioned off items donated by local artists and celebrities, as well as hotel products and room vouchers from sister hotels.  The auction raised a total of RMB23,000. 

The hotel also invites individuals to participate in its ‘Wish upon a Christmas Star’ activity in the hotel lobby.  Guests can buy a Christmas star at RMB 50, write down their wishes on it and stick it onto the wishing wall.  

The money collected will be used to purchase cochlear implants and pay for the two children’s surgeries, which cost about RMB130,000 per child. 

‘Hearing the World 2015’ focuses on helping Li Wenyang and Chu Shanwei.  Li Wenyang is a six-year-old boy from Heze, Shandong Province, undergoing rehabilitation at Suzhou Jiayue Early Childhood Intervention Centre (Jiayue).  Li’s younger sister is studying at Yinghua Primary School on a tuition fee of RMB2,000 per term, while Li’s rehabilitation costs RMB2,650 per month.  The whole family relies on Li’s father, whose monthly salary is RMB5,000, to cover the fees and other living expenses.  Li has been at Jiayue for three years, yet his hearing ability has not improved; doctors believe only a cochlear implant can improve his condition. 

Chu Shanwei is a four-year-old boy from Nantong, Jiangsu.  Chu and his younger sister have suffered congenital hearing loss since birth.  Chu undergoes rehabilitation at Jiayue at RMB2,650 per month.  His family lives in a one-bedroom home with two chairs and one table.  His father takes care of the whole family with a monthly income of RMB4,000. 

Shangri-La Hotel, Suzhou, through its Embrace programme, has partnered with Jiayue to help improve the young children’s hearing and speaking abilities.   

The hotel also organises volunteers consisting of staff members to visit Jiayue monthly to help the children with language and communication training.  On special occasions, such as New Year’s Day, Ear Caring Day, Children’s Day, the Mid-Autumn Festival and Christmas, Shangri-La Hotel, Suzhou invites the children to the hotel or organises a festive celebration at Jiayue.  Hotel staff also help with the centre’s rehabilitation evaluation test for graduating children who have passed the entry test for normal primary school. 

From September to December 2014, the hotel donated RMB1,000 every month per child towards the tuition of 10 children to help lighten the financial pressure off some less-privileged families.  This year, the hotel has donated a total of RMB 40,000. 

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